Speakout 7/15

Thursday, July 15, 2004

To the person who hopes to get John Kerry into office, I do to. I don't enjoy putting money in Bush's pocket by paying high gas prices. It must be nice that his first real job would be to become president of the United States. People have been putting Clinton down because when he was president, he and his crew made it possible for lower and middle-class people like my husband and I to get college educations. Since Bush has been president, I have cousins who are now trying to go to college and are finding it hard to pay their way. Gas prices and milk prices have gone up. I would appreciate votes for John Kerry because if he gets in office, it will give my pocketbook a four-year break.

In reply to the Yum-Yum Shack passing them by, if that ever happens, there are times the Yum-Yum Shack has appointments at daycares or nursing homes and that would be the only times we would pass anyone by intentionally. Our phone number is on the back of the trailer. You can call that number and we will come by whatever address they desire. This is the reason why.

I live in the Sikeston Housing Authority and am currently being evicted because of a little bag of meth residue that was found in my wallet by Sikeston DPS. It is awfully funny that I am being evicted for this after living here for 15 years and I know of numerous people in the projects who have drug charges on their criminal record, who run businesses out of the Housing Authority and it is in the contract that no business can be run out of a unit. This isn't right. If the rules apply to me, they should apply to all tenants. The public housing has a bad rap with the community and if the director wasn't scared of the NAACP and started evicting some of these other tenants, the housing authority wouldn't have a bad rap. If he's going to be in charge over there, the rules should apply to everybody and he needs to do his job.

SpeakOut can't help with this one. DPS and the courts handle drug charges and the Housing Authority deals with tenants and the housing rules. We suggest you speak with the Housing Authority director and/or board members at their next meeting.

July 4 was a wonderful night in Morehouse. We stayed up all night trying to keep the rockets and stuff off our houses. One lady wasn't as lucky. She had her shed burned down, her car and everything burned up and the back part of her house caught fire from the rockets. It happened some time after midnight so you know they stayed up until midnight shooting them things into the air. I can't imagine how this elderly lady felt when she saw her house and car on fire. There should be a law against shooting those things after a certain time at night. Our former police officers, Sonny and Slim, always kept the kids in line up until 9 p.m. and made them quit shooting after 9:30 p.m. They could shoot firecrackers, but not bottle rockets or anything after 9:30 p.m. This needs to be addressed.