Speakout 7/12

Monday, July 12, 2004

What year did the Sikeston mall catch on fire and burn?

We called the DeWitt Company with your question and they believe it was in summer or early fall of 1998.

The American flag is supposed to fly at half-mast for 30 days after the death of a president. President Ronald Reagan died June 5. Why did the Sikeston Post Office fly its flag at full mast before the 30 days were over?

We have a president who is rich and a man running for president whose wife is filthy rich. But do you know who is dying in Iraq? It's poor, white boys and poor black boys. It's the same thing that happened in Vietnam. It will never stop because there's always some bloody-headed guy who sits up there and sends the young boys to fight for a war that we probably should not be in in the first place. We should have never been in Vietnam and now we should not be in Iraq. To me, it's nothing but economics and if you're a poor person, economics does not mean a thing to you.

This is concerning a SpeakOut "Just asking" about the soup kitchen is in the bad part of town instead of in the middle of town that's not a high-crime area. If you don't live in that part of town, you can't talk about someone else's shoes you have not walked in. There are people in that community who have tried to make it a better place to live for years, and it is a better place to live now. Since you don't live in the 'bad part' of town, you don't have anything to say. People in the community pulled together to get the soup kitchen going in that part of town. Thank you for your question. I just answered it.

In SpeakOut, someone was looking for old fruit jars of any sizes. I have some. Put your number in SpeakOut and I will call you.

I have some old canning jars (pints and quarts). Call me at 471-5999.

I would like to thank a young man who tried to help me today in the rain at a service station. It was raining hard today and I had an autistic child in the car with me. My windshield wiper wouldn't work and the young man gave me a hand. The older man with him told him not to because I could hold him liable if something happened. To this young man, I sure did appreciate your help. Any time you can help an old woman or a child, go ahead and help them because you really touched me today when you at least tried to help and I really did appreciate it. I don't know what's wrong with people these days. After I left the service station I went to a store in Sikeston and another gentleman walked away. I was in the rain. I finally got the windshield wiper fixed. Always help an old woman or children in distress.

I just watched the mail carrier throw his garbage from the little mail truck into my yard. I told him to pick it up. He did, then threw it into the yard across the street. It's no wonder the city of Sikeston looks like a garbage dump.

You should register a complaint with the postmaster at the post office.