Speakout 1/20

Monday, January 21, 2002

I hope all of the Cardinal fans read the Jan. 10 SpeakOut, where they had to go all the way to Japan to get a player to play for the Cardinals. Come on, America. I know there was someone in the United States who needed that job. But you had to go out of the country to get a player. I say don't support the Cardinals. Then they'd wish they had gotten a player here who needed the money. Also, just like all the jobs going to Mexico, what's worse than that is all of us just sit around and take it.

The SpeakOut column is obligated to print and answer our questions. I called once before and you wouldn't print my question. My question was, who funded the money for the Albritton-Mayer Center? Did any of the money for the center come from the taxpayers? Believe me, this Albritton Center isn't for the working class people. It's for high society. SpeakOut should have enough respect to respond to this question. If you don't print this statement, that tells the public you are covering up something you don't want the citizens of Sikeston to know. I'll be looking forward to seeing your answer in SpeakOut.

We contacted Lynn Colley with your question. "A large contribution for the center was donated by Mrs. Mayer along with contributions from Mozelle Jarvis and Kenny Bridger. The balance was raised from local supporters of the Little Theater. Absolutely no funds came from taxpayer dollars."

Come on. This fighting grandma is living it up in a nice hotel in Bahrain.

I saw on the news where kids are using ritalin because it gives them the same high as cocaine. Our authorities need to check into things like that, because I don't think it's just the kids who are doing it. I believe that parents whose children are on ritalin are taking the ritalin and using it for that same cocaine effect. I believe they're abusing their children's medicine and welfare is paying for it.

Someone called into SpeakOut about people being on welfare. I know some people who work and don't get welfare but they expect people to give them everything they want for free. If you want something they have, they won't give it to you, but they expect you to buy it from them.

I'm calling about sports in Dexter. Dexter plays such a weak schedule and tries to make a big name for itself. Why can't they go up against New Madrid County? It will never happen.

If anyone knows where I can donate clothes and toys that will be donated to people, not sold, please leave the information in SpeakOut.