Monday, January 21, 2002

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This is in regards to the Jan. 11 SpeakOut talking about the Sikeston Department of Public Safety. The weight of its personnel doesn't matter. They're protecting us and keeping us safe. Whoever wrote this probably weighs 600 pounds. This caller needs to worry about themselves. If it weren't for those overweight cops, this person could be dead.

This is to the person who said Sikeston has fat policemen who sit in their cars eating doughnuts all day long. No, they eat the doughnuts all day long at the police station. That is how they catch all the drunks, dopeheads, meth labs. They may look fat, but I'll bet they could outrun you if they had to. With all the extra protection they have to wear, you would look fat too. Do you eat doughnuts all day long? Is that why you are so fat? You had better be thankful that they are out there on the streets risking their lives to save yours.

I would like to respond to the person who said all the Sikeston Public Safety officers are fat. The officers have to wear all that gear that puts about 25 pounds on them. Before this person judges the officers by what they see in the paper, they need to think about the officers themselves. Does anybody know?

Are Randy Ray and Wendy Ray on KFVS-TV related in any way?

Yes. Randy is Wendy's father.

I was going in a station Saturday afternoon to pay for gas and dropped $10 out of my pocket. There was a guy in a truck (I think his name was Mike) and he told me I dropped some money out of my pocket. I just want to thank him for being so honest. Someone could have picked it up without saying anything. But thank God there are still honest people left in this world.

How can some people on Medicaid work and still get help? How come some people can go get help when they know they're lying and then people who need help can't get it?

Call the Division of Family Services at 472-5222 for your answers. Eligibility is determined by guidelines set by the state.