Thursday, January 24, 2002

Call 471-6636

I know. Just one more call on the accident. I can understand the feelings of pros and cons. Just the other night there was a bad accident at Delta and KFVS had it on the news. The police car was sitting there with its lights going and they just flashed like a dickens all over the TV screen. Yes, the cop may have been going too fast and, yes, it may not have been a life and death emergency where someone was laying in the road. But it was a stolen vehicle. If your brand new vehicle was stolen and they found somebody driving it, wouldn't you want them to hurry up and get there to catch them. Besides the point, he had already passed the other two vehicles and the witnesses stated that clearly. Anybody driving that highway knows you never turn across traffic on that highway without looking all directions, left or right. Always check your turns. There were a lot of things wrong here, so let's quit torturing and let's quit making this poor family read this in the paper every blasted day.

"Looking for answers" is as easy as seeing the nose on your face. The principal and administration of Sikeston Public Schools seem to cooperate well with the local police and canine unit officers in a well-planned and well-executed zero tolerance policy. Accusing Sikeston school officials and Sikeston police of fraud are malfeasance in protecting a girl caught with "rumor that" drug paraphernalia is just unintelligent, it is stupid. To think one girl's family name or a dozen girls' family names could control school officials, and especially police officers under the direction of our current chief of police, is laughable. Obviously the school and police did a thorough search and investigation and found nothing. Sikeston's lower IQ'd rumor mill wrote a new chapter in its book of Baseless Rumors. Seeing the nose on your face is easy if you look at the obvious. Somebody must have failed Logic 101. Give the school officials and police department the credit they deserve.

I am calling about the big write-up about Weed and Seed. I don't see where Weed and Seed has been doing anything that the public can really see besides flying themselves back and forth to Washington. All they have done was put up green signs all over the town, as they say "within a town." What do the signs mean? For one, every time you ask them for different things, they don't have money. They can't buy food, they can't buy gifts but they're always flying. I just feel like Weed and Seed isn't doing anything. I did read that they're not a program. Then how are they receiving money? I just don't feel like they are doing anything for the community but they always want to be in the paper or on TV - Weed and Seed this, Weed and Seed that. I think Weed and Seed is full of junk.

Mike, I am a child of a cancer patient. What people need to understand is that most cancer patients either die of starvation or pneumonia because they cannot eat. She had not eaten since 6 a.m. yesterday. When I went in to check on my mother, we could not get her awake so we had to take her to the hospital. That's when we found out she hadn't eaten. So you people out there who think it's funny when you hurt people, you need to be the one who finds a parent in that condition. Like you said the other day, there's compassion in this town, I'm sorry, but I can't find it. My mother has gone through this for years, lies and innuendos. Those people need to tell me and my siblings how we're going to get my mother up.