SpeakOut 7/8

Monday, July 8, 2002

Call 471-6636

A solution to the problem. The Pledge of Allegiance, take the parts you don't like and take them out. Any writings you read, don't read it or skip the parts you bother it. Money issues, don't use it or use plastic. But check with your children first to see if they believe the same as you. I believe and I'm me. I say all of the Pledge of Allegiance and I spend money. No one now is going to change the way I feel. If you believe, freedom of speech. If you don't believe, freedom of speech. Why should 90 percent change for 10 percent? You are always going to have something that offends you but that is because everyone is different. There is nothing wrong with speaking your mind but trying to change the laws is trying to speak my mind. I can speak for myself.

I'm calling in reference to the person wondering where the SEMO Motor Speedway is. It is located one mile west of Blodgett on Highway U. The special guest they were asking about is Michael Walls, who is a grand national driver. He will be there on July 13. Also they will be having Outlaw, Sprint and Midget cars. That is July 13, SEMO Motor Speedway.

I just wanted to call about all you people griping about the so-called rich people in this town. I must be one of them because I live in the north end. I was brought up by poor people that worked hard every day to make a living. I was not brought up to stand in a line, get a free check and ask for a handout constantly. Get off your butts and do something about your life and quit griping about the people that have something and worked all their lives to get it. Get a job.

Hey Mike, I just wanted to put my two cents in. I have been a businessman and been in business in this town for over 50 years and I can't see why and wonder if you can see why we can not get the first part of north Kingshighway and the east part of Wakefield overlaid or done something with. That is the roughest street and it has been. About six or seven years ago I went to the street department manager and I asked him why and I was told you couldn't overlay blacktop over concrete. He said it would mess up. I said that's baloney because I have seen too many highway departments doing it. While I'm doing it I would also like to speak out against our post office here. I hate to say it but we have the lousiest post office that I've been in and I travel a lot. I have never seen a post office operated like this one. Also the parking lot of the post office, you have one little door for the handicapped, I know it has to be done but I've only seen one handicapped person go in and out there. Now, you can't even go in after 7 o'clock to get your mail. I've never seen a post office where you can't go get your mail.

This is something from a letter about Medicaid about coverage for services we need from Medicaid. We will be getting no services for dental work or eyeglasses or anything like that. The people who need Medicaid to helping them out on Medicare, we are on that because we need the help but we can't have nothing done. Now I'm having problems getting the dentist to finish my teeth that I have left my mouth and I can't get no dentures or anything. I think the government has totally and un fortunately screwed all of us that are on Medicaid. Those that are up there and have money in their pockets can afford to do something about it, but if you are down here and can't afford it and are on disability and social security what are we to do? I would like an answer to that?

At Wal-Mart in Sikeston yesterday I met a policeman in uniform coming out of the store into the parking lot and he was only about 100 pounds overweight. Now I really think that is drastic when any police officer is so much overweight. Had I needed protection from someone chasing me, etc., how could he help me? I think it is a crime for a policeman or a fireman or such to be so overweight and get away with it.