Speakout 6/25

Friday, June 25, 2004

In regards to the article about illegal gambling, it seems the gaming commission is mad because they're not getting their cut on bingo and everything else. They're just like the mafia. The American Legion club has bingo on Wednesday and Friday nights. The gaming commission tells them they can or cannot work on bingo night. They get their cut, but they tell the American Legion what they can do with the money raised from bingo. They cannot help their veterans who are in distress with proceeds from bingo, even though it's supposed to be a veteran's club. The gaming commission has taken over tapes from the VFW club to the gaming commission to take their bingo and cram it.

Sikeston passed a weed and junk control ordinance and was to include everyone within the city limits. One hundred feet from my front door, there is approximately 2 acres of weeds as high as three feet tall, old fencing and construction equipment in those weeds. It makes a breeding place for mosquitoes and snakes. I have killed two snakes in my front yard this year; two years ago I killed a snake in my yard that was over seven feet long. I made my first complaint May 17 and was told it would be taken care of. Two calls later, the same answer. Still, no results. All you people who live in the southwest area and have received cleanup notices, come out to the end of Marie Drive.

This is in response to the June 17 SpeakOut, "Religious twist." I have a big "amen!"

Are you an atheist or what? I do believe your sick, lying Bush-bashing has hit an all-time low when you put it to rhyme with the 23rd Psalm. I'll bet you are really proud of yourself.

To the well-meaning people, especially men, now be honest. You know how much a woman or wife can be in decisions. You can correct me on this one. John Kerry's wife is not the material. Think about it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that she has deep-rooted problems.

I really hate to bring this up, but how many remember the Democrats being in office when "Slick Willie" performed his duties as an adulterer and publicly said, "What I do privately is my business." Remember? It didn't make any difference how many people were looking for a good example and found none. Nice people say "he made a mistake." Duh! Gotcha. What else can you say? As Slick Willie is selling good books, waste good money. Just burn your money. I guess he needs to make money back somehow with court costs and Monica Lewinsky made him pay.