Speakout 7/1

Thursday, July 1, 2004

I am interested in purchasing some dill seed, a weed that people grow in their backyards in an herb garden. If anyone has some for sale, please put your number in SpeakOut.

What's wrong with President Bush? Yes, we as Americans believe in the freedom of speech. We believe in justice and liberty and all freedoms. In Iraq, if they don't want to believe in it, they don't have to. Our people are getting killed and it's senseless, it's useless. Why don't they bring our boys home?

How come the soup kitchen is in the bad part of town? How come it's not in the middle of town that's not a high crime area?

I am looking for some old-time Kerr or Mason fruit jars (pints, quarts, half gallons or gallon size). If anyone has some, please put your number in SpeakOut.

I read the article about the Bootheel Business Research Summer Youth Program and want to give praise to all the young men and women who are in the picture. I appreciate their efforts for all they are doing in the city. They said they haven't gotten much feedback, but as a member of this community, I just want to let them know that I appreciate them. They are a group of fine young people and I'm really proud of them.

Two beautiful girls were riding motor bikes Monday afternoon on Ranney Street. These children are underage and their parents are being very, very delinquent, allowing them to ride such dangerous, unlawful vehicles. The next time I see these two little girls, I'm going to call the police and I hope these parents are punished severely.

Can you find out what the curfew is in East Prairie for popping fireworks?

10 p.m. seven days a week (midnight on July 4 only).

I am calling about these people shooting fireworks. I go out in my yard every day and there is burned paper, rags and I even found a burned candle next to my house. It was close - they're going to keep on until they burn my house down and then there's going to be trouble. They will know who is calling and they better cut it out now.

You didn't say what city you live in. It is illegal for anyone to shoot fireworks within the city limits of Sikeston. If you are a Sikeston resident, you can file a complaint with DPS by calling 471-4711. All information will be kept confidential.