Speakout 12/6

Monday, December 6, 2004

I was just wondering if anyone knows who I can contact about Christmas programs for the needy? I have called the city, the newspapers and even family services and DAEOC - no one seems to be able to help. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

My mother called me today so I did go by and check on her. I sat there for one hour and she had sent the cleaning girl out for her breakfast. She gave the girl her money to buy her's also. When I left and came back, the girl was watching television and mother was asleep. Who trains the people and who drops by and monitors them? You may be surprised with what they do and don't do. They do exactly what they want and get by with it. I am a saddened daughter to see what goes on with our parents.

Contact the housekeeper's supervisor.

I am looking for a chimney sweep who can work in New Madrid County. Please leave a phone number in SpeakOut.

There was recent newspaper article about Missouri Delta Medical Center's early years and what it is today. Did I read this article right, that there was a funeral home there first. If so, did they build around the funeral home or did they tear it down?

The funeral home took over the location when Missouri Delta moved to its present location