SpeakOut 4/9

Wednesday, April 9, 2003

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I don't see a problem with our U.S. Rep. Karen McCarthy of Kansas City. Put her to bed, roll her over on her side and let her sleep it off. Red Gephardt and Bill Clay tell her how to vote anyway.

I always thought the YMCA was a good organization and that their idea was to be fair to all kids. I was proven wrong at a basketball game on March 31. My child participates in several sports and her so-called coaches (who, by the way, are married) said it would be OK if she had to miss an occasional practice. But then when she did, they tried to punish her by making her sit out at the basketball game, even though they had already said it was OK. But their child had missed practices but she was allowed to play. When I tried to talk to one of the coordinators, he wouldn't even take the time to sit down and discuss it with me. He just basically said that one child follows one set of rules or doesn't play while the other, who happens to be the coach's daughter, can do whatever she wants to do. I have never seen anything like this and I can guarantee you that my children will never again participate in anything the YMCA sponsors. The coordinator should read the YMCA pledge that the kids read before each game and they should practice what they are trying to preach.

The family of the 90-year-old woman who was raped by the 18-year-old boy should have the right to castrate him. He should be executed. Anybody who would do that to a 90-year old woman deserves death.

A special thanks to Mike Jensen for his March 31 editorial on "Eyesore properties need to be cleaned." This is a serious problem for our city, for code officers and Jiggs and anyone else in charge. Get busy and take care of this problem. Can't there be something done about the trash being thrown on our street? I'm getting tired of picking up trash on my street. Fine those slobs and maybe the next time they will think twice before they do it again.

I am a Sikeston rodeo fan and was going to buy tickets for my family. My husband went out there this morning, and I would like to file a complaint. There were no box seats available for other customers, other than season ticket holders or the sponsors. This is false advertisement in the paper. They should have some box seats available to the public who do come from out of town. This should be taken care of by the Jaycees. I would appreciate it in the future if this could be taken care of. There are advantages of having box seats for families with small children, too.

We contacted the Jaycees with your concern: "The Sikeston Jaycee Bootheel Rodeo works hard to meet the demands of each and every customer. The Box Seats are distributed to season ticket holders first. The season ticket holder has the option to renew or not. At such a time that a season ticket holder does not renew, the box is then sold on a first come, first served basis. There are general boxes that are not held by season ticket holders. During the opening weekend, the season tickets had not been pulled, therefore no boxes could be sold. There will be boxes available in the near future. Please continue contacting the ticket office with inquiries. As for false advertising, the Rodeo has never advertised that box seats were available. At any point in time, all orders are filled with tickets as close to requested as possible."