SpeakOut 4/8

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

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You have this Mallord Filmore and Bruce Tinsley in the paper? They're about as funny as two dead rats.

With Superior-Essex Wire going out of business, like many other decent paying jobs in this depressed area, it seems like Toreene, Mexico, has just added over 200 more American jobs to their worthless country. Where are people supposed to work and try to support all their families now? McDonald's? The Mexicans have already taken over much of the labor market in this country also. That's all that will be left is eating establishments, which it seems like half of those are foreign-run, too. Sikeston has three or four Mexican diners and a couple run by other foreigners! Where will it all end? Without decent jobs, families won't be able to eat out at all! Bring decent jobs back to America! Is Mexico or Canada helping the U.S. in the war in Iraq? I think not! So we should rightfully take back what is ours - American jobs! The government goes on and on about national security. Well our jobs, or should I say, lack of, should be considered a very important part of national security. Therefore, we, the average working American, should protect what is ours. It's my belief that the "fat cats" who own and operate these corporations, are just as much as a "terrorist" as any Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden. After all, are they not the ones who are oppressing the American public and depriving all Americans of our pursuit of happiness?

I know of a young man who has a wife and two small children. He needs to go to St. Louis for treatment of lung cancer so he will have a chance at life. I tried to raise money to help him, but was unable to get enough for him to get there. Now he has to wait until he gets his small check. I can't understand how people can be so uncaring in this situation. The Bible said we need to help the sick and dying and all. I don't know what's happened to the God-fearing and unselfish people. I am nobody's judge but one day the real judge will judge us. I would like to appeal to all the Christians out there to pray for this young man and his family. Our prayers are free. And pray for my understanding.

I read the editorial about the run down housing and abandoned cars in the city of Sikeston. I called SpeakOut about this a couple of years ago and will ask the same question as I did then. What are the code enforcement officers getting paid for? It's so obvious they're not doing their jobs.

The town of Morehouse has a nice little car wash. It would be very convenient for people to clean their cars up over there instead of having to go all the way to Sikeston if the people who own it would keep it clean. It is always so muddy and nasty that it can't be used.

I have read the campaign ads for mayor for Mike Marshall and Harry Sharp. Before election, I would like to know where each of these candidates stood on the PILOT issue. Were they for it or against it? Please clarify this for me.

Mike Marshall voted against the PILOT and Harry Sharp was not serving on the City Council.

I think Saddam Hussein has outsmarted the young Mr. Bush just like he did the old man Bush. He is smarter than both of them put together. He couldn't get bin Laden and he won't get Mr. Hussein. All his daddy did was get a lot of people killed. Hope he can live with that. I feel sorry for the soldiers over there, fighting and getting killed.