Speakout 2/17

Thursday, February 17, 2005

This is to the Sikeston Jaycees. Your flag girls do an awesome job. Can you give me the number to call to see if any positions are available. To the person who called in a previous SpeakOut, it sounds to me like you're jealous. At the end of your SpeakOut, you said the Jaycees should show maturity in the showmanship of the flag girls, well, that was a very immature SpeakOut. It sounds to me like you wouldn't have a chance anyway.

I noticed the article of the ones who attended the First Baptist Church in Sikeston which is being torn down. I had an Aunt Liley Carson who went there for many years, as long as she lived and I went with her. I well remember going to church there.

I'm calling about this new helicopter in the Veterans' Park. We have planes, tanks and everything else in the park and I think we are memorializing war. I served in the service for seven years and was in Korea for one year. I was a corpsman and am just as patriotic as a lot of people, but I think we have gone overboard on memorializing weapons of war. I think we could put flowers and trees and picnic tables and everything else for people to see when they come to the airport, rather than weapons of war.

I have lived in the Morehouse area and I have watched Groundhog Day for years and still believe in it. Yes, we've still got six more weeks of winter in the Bootheel. The day after Groundhog Day, I was taking my daily walk, the sun was shining and all I had to do was look behind me and I saw my own shadow. So bully on the groundhog in Pennsylvania.

This is in regard to the Feb. 6 "Unbelievable." I agree - I totally agree. I believe that, with all my heart, we should bring our men and women home from the war. The people over there do not want the freedom we have as Americans. They don't know how to control their lives; they don't know how to be civilized as Americans. Just back our troops out of there. They like being told what to do. They don't know how to be free like America. Bring our people home. Let's stop the killing; let's stop our people from dying. Bring our people home.

I saw on the news where George W. Bush is going to cut veterans' benefits, so on and so on and so on, things he just thinks has to be cut. I have a suggestion. Cut out his salary, which he has not earned one dime of since he's been in office. That would help a lot.

Mr. McMillan, your poetry might be humorous if it didn't come from such an angry man. If you want to live in a country where there are no opposing points of view, then move to Cuba. Fidel Castro gives speeches that are four hours long. They'd love you there. Please write more letters. Democrats love to watch you come apart at the seams.