SpeakOut 12/5

Thursday, December 5, 2002

Call 471-6636

I'm calling about the "Veterans deserve respect." I agree. Veterans do deserve respect. I don't know about having the schools close. The banks, some businesses and the post office are closed on Veterans Day. Why bring up Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? What does he have to do with Veterans Day? There is no comparison. That's why people will protest, because people like you are ignorant. They don't bring up any other person like George Washington Day. We have a day for President's Day. We have a day for all other activities but it's OK for you to bring up Dr. Martin Luther King's Day. Come back with a little more knowledge and then call SpeakOut.

I'm calling about someone who was looking for someone who does demos. What kind of demos? I would be interested to know just exactly what the caller is looking for. Call SpeakOut back with an idea of what kind of demos you are looking for.

I am very frustrated. I am a mother who wants what's best for her kids. Their father left a phone number and I am not able to call them. This is crazy. If parents want what is best for their kids, then they should be big people and work together and decide on what's best for their children and let their child know that those parents love them and are willing to do this. Please help me get this message out because there are so many parents, so many men who have no concern over their kids' lives. They're destroying them. This is crazy.

I read the article about the East Prairie courts. I disagree with East Prairie courts. Why is one person charged more than another? One was charged $20 for driving while intoxicated and the one who had an open container was fined $217. No wonder so many people are moving out of East Prairie. The whole system stinks.

You need to contact the court to find out why different fines are levied. Fines are determined by the type of crime committed and repeat offenders often wind up paying higher fines.

In the little community I live in, we have a drug dealer. This drug dealer has practiced her trade for years. The county government wouldn't touch her for obvious reasons. Now we found out she has been busted for drugs in another state. We can only hope and pray they throw the book at her and give her what she deserves.