Speakout 4/28

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I think it is a dirty shame the way the lottery people are operating. They've got vending machines in all these service stations, grocery stores and they are robbing people of their money. I have watched people spend $10 or $15 dollars and not even get a dollar back for their money. I have even played them and played as much as $5 worth and not even get a free ticket back. I think the governor of Missouri needs to check into this lottery business. They are not giving prize money away and it is highway robbery. People go to jail for robbing people and I think the governor needs to check into this because it is stealing money from the vending machines and sticking it in their pockets.

I would like to agree with the Mr. Presson's comment in the Standard Democrat about the white gravel in East Prairie. I also live in East Prairie and our road is graveled with this old white mess. I never had a breathing problem before they put that stuff on our road. We just had an old dirt road and now we have this old white gravel up here and it is a mess. When big trucks come down through here you can't even see the neighbor's house. You can't tell me that is not a health-hazard. Someone needs to put a stop to this.

This is in response to the Speakout in April 18. It had this question: How can a deacon in a church run a nightclub? Answer: It is a business. Just like a Christian school is a business. Sometimes you will have a kid go to a school that is not in that religion - then just want to be in that school. Then it is a business to teach the kids. What are the morals you have wrong with a nightclub or a religious school or whatever just remember it is a business - so there is your answer. You can still be a deacon and own a nightclub. You don't have to be a Catholic or a Baptist to go to a Christian school.

Republicans or Democrats may lead our country but they do not control it. This country is in control of the poor and minorities. I would rather give a rich man $100 bill than a so-called poor person. Most rich people would make a $100 bill work for them where a so-called poor person would spend the $100 bill and then ask for help. That is the way our country is.

We read two articles in two weeks about Joey Mack of Benton winning races at the Poplar Bluff Speedway. Why was there no mention of the winners in the other classes that ran? The past two weeks Billy James of Sikeston has won the feature in the late model class which is the same class that Joey Mack runs in and we have seen nothing on it or the other winners. It would be nice to see the results published for Poplar Bluff Speedway. Also possibly Malden Speedway. There are a lot of racers and racing fans in this area.

I'm reading Monday's paper and in the obituaries about Steve Buchanan, 41 and then over the is a news story and they have him, 44. I want to know if he was 41 or 44.

He was 41.

This is regards to the Tuesday, April 19, editorial about today's protesters lack the passion of the past. I think the only protest that ever had any substance to it for years was the Boston tea party. What do you think, Mike?