Letter to the Editor

Your View: Some ideas

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Michael Jensen's editorial of April 20 hit it right on the mark. He called for the citizens of Sikeston to "... demand change or accept your fate." He enumerated a number of problems confronting the city and stressed that we, the people need to be more vocal about our concerns. What better time to begin than now, with our newly-constructed City Council in place? We believe that there are at least three ways to begin this process.

First, change the meeting of the City Council to a later hour - say 7 p.m. This would give people time to get off work, have dinner and attend to other end-of-the-day matters, and be able to be a part of the council sessions. Why is 6 p.m. and 7 a.m. so necessary?

Second, try the town meeting approach again. Several years ago, four meetings were held, in different locations, but were very poorly attended. This time, have city and community representatives directly approach Sikeston's service clubs, churches, the Chamber of Commerce and other groups in an effort to obtain a real commitment toward town meetings and the dialogue which would result.

Third, offer a meeting, or series of meetings, to all who are interested in learning exactly what our city can do (that we couldn't do before) under our newly-adopted charter. Surely the city's business people in particular and others in general would welcome the information, and we all would benefit as a result.

Let's make Sikeston a stopping point from all directions, not the town where people pass by in order to get to Cape, Paducah or Poplar Bluff!

Larry and Lill Braden,