SpeakOut 11/5

Friday, November 5, 2004

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Yes, one is able to work a bit when drawing disability, however, you do have to report to Social security that you are working. You do have to report your wages when you file income tax. Many are working for cash and never reporting to Social Security that they are working. The same thing happens with welfare. Many employers pay in cash and the person still draws welfare or the MC-Plus card. This is fraud on both parts. No matter how you try to justify why you're doing this, it is still stealing. Hang your head in shame. You're stealing. The employers are committing fraud and stealing from the government. Workers and the employers should both be turned in for this. Maybe you will be soon.

The city should consider putting up stop signs at the Middle School at the intersection of Salecdo Road and Southwest Street. There are cars trying to across and getting in and out. A stop light would be good because the traffic is very heavy.

I am responding to the person who mentioned "Thou shalt not suffer a witch" in Exodus. Some people know this and some don't, but when the King James Bible was revised at the order of King James I, he was notorious about being paranoid about witches and spells and that sort of thing. It was due to volatile politics at the time and he had good reason to be nervous. King James' Bible was translated so that the word "chasaph" (Hebrew for "poisoner") was changed to mean "witch" instead. The real biblical passage was about the serving crime of poison in the Jewish community. When that line was originally written, there may have been recent poisonings. Some historians have pointed to this. I grew up with the King James Version but sometimes these verses have been revised at that time and other times to where the meaning may not be what you think them to be. It's nobody's fault. Whether you grew up in the 1930s, 1950s or 1960s, whichever version of the Bible may be the right one for you. But I'm just letting you know about some of these revisions from time to time, and I'm a Bible believer. I would agree that witchcraft in general is the worshiping of other gods and not the true God.

I am calling to congratulate those who are building up Cotton Estates. I think those houses are very nice and I heard they are going to be very affordable. Well done to the builders and owners!

It's a cold day when the city staff are cleaning city hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Give us taxpayers a break. Give them a raise and now they get an hour off twice a week so they can supposedly clean? That's not even believable.

I read the article in SpeakOut about city hall being closed an hour early on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Gosh. If they have enough time to clean their own offices, it's possible they have too many employees, especially at the salaries the workers are paid. Whoever made this decision should get a door prize, like right out the front door and a pink slip. Surely to goodness they can find a cleaning person cheaper than the highly intelligent and courteous people we have working at city hall.

I see in the newspapers and on television newscasts that prisoners are being given flu shots. I don't think they should be given to prisoners. Give them to the old people and children who are sick. Flu vaccine should never, ever be wasted on anybody who has killed or raped someone or who has molested a child. Save the vaccine for the people who need it.

As we understand it, the prison population received the vaccine to prevent a flu epidemic.