Speakout 6/30

Thursday, June 30, 2005

I was out at the Little League ballpark on Monday, June 20. I saw a gentleman probably in his late 40s wrestling around with one of the umpires. I think it was displaying very immature behavior for a man of that age to be doing it. I saw him push the boy's face in the dirt and all these Little Leaguers were standing around watching and laughing and I think somebody should have stopped it and something should have been done. I also heard that this older gentleman is a coach for Junior Babe Ruth and I just think that is awful. They need to keep an eye on people.

I'm reading the June 21 Speakout and this is to the person who wrote "Justice." Please do not try pulling the race card when it comes to Michael Jackson's case. We all knows that goes both ways. We all know that when you have money anything walks. Next time before you call Speakout and try to pull the race card, don't.

As an ex-Charleston resident of many years ago who follows the paper pretty frequently I find Rick Walters vacation watch program article a real breath of fresh air. I applaud Sheriff Walters program and the fact that it is very creative and beneficial to the community! Too often officers, uniformed or not are the target of misplaced aggression and/or citizen frustration, this goes to prove that true professionalism rises above all that. Congratulations Scott County on an enlightened, creative and community-minded sheriff. It would be another positive move were the surrounding counties to take note.

I was calling Speakout to see if you would place an ad for a used LP tank for an elderly lady. We need one really bad. If someone out there would have one would they put their number in the paper and we could call them.

My son's in Iraq and someone sent me this by e-mail, the author is unknown but I wanted to share it with all of you. It is the military, not the reporter that has given us the Freedom of Press. It is the military, not the poet who has given us the Freedom of Speech. It is the military not the politician that ensures us the Right of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. It is the military who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag and whose coffin is draped by the flag.

Poor need help

I think the government is doing poor people wrong. They are talking about cutting out Medicaid for people who need a way back and forth to the doctor. What are us poor people going to do when we need to go see a doctor and don't have no way of going - no vehicle or anything. I would like to know why Blunt and all of them are doing this to us poor people. We need help bad and we don't have a way to go.