Letter to the Editor

Your View 7/29: Can update

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

In May 2002, I learned that we could direct the funds received from the sale of aluminum cans (which are collected in the trailer at Inside Lane, 2010 N. Main St., Sikeston) into a special account toward a certain goal, and when that goal was reached, a plaque would be placed in St. Jude's Research Hospital with the donor's name on it. An account was established for the Friends and Neighbors of Sikeston for this purpose. Our goal is $10,000.

I am happy to report, just 13 months after this account was opened, we have deposited $7,700 toward our goal. At the rate we have been going, our goal should be reached within the next six months.

I just wanted to update the community and express my appreciation to everyone who donates their cans. I would also like to thank the Nestle Purina PetCare Company at Bloomfield. They collect and donate their cans to this effort.

Della Hubbard