Letter to the Editor

Your view: Help is needed

Thursday, October 2, 2003

Friends of Freda Quertermous have established a special fund to help her with expenses for surgery on her knee. Freda has been in extreme pain and the doctors have told her she must have surgery. The doctor and hospital costs will be around $25,000, plus Freda will be out of work for six months.

Those who know Freda know that she is one of the hardest-working and honest people in the area. She helped raise her brothers and sisters. She has also taken others into her home until they could get on their feet and she has given unselfishly to others all her life. Freda would never ask anyone for help, but very reluctantly, she has agreed to let her friends start a fund so all her friends could help her. It took a lot to convince her that one has to allow others to share with her.

If you would like to contribute, you may bring or mail your donation to First Security Bank, GH Home Furnishings or the First Christian Church in Charleston. Mark it for "First Christian Church Freda's Fund." Every penny will be used to assist Freda with her expenses.

Please help. Freda is a wonderful, hardworking, caring lady who needs you now.