Speakout 11/3

Wednesday, November 3, 2004

I've noticed that it's OK for local media to report alleged sexual goings on between students and teachers, and rightly so. It should be that way. But when other school officials in other towns have consensual adult sex, mind you, those are two different things, and having adult consensual sex does not warrant charges against an individual, mind you. That's true. However, it is paraphrased in some local media as "the board lost confidence in his or her abilities." But then again, the teacher probably won't get severance pay or another teaching job like some other officials were padded along the way. I'm not saying this teacher should get anything. She shouldn't, and she deserves jail time and then some. I wonder how this teacher's story would have been presented had she been in Sikeston. Some would say there is no such vice and that my comments are baseless. People say there is anti-Sikeston bias when it comes from a TV station, so I suppose anything is possible in that regard. I sincerely hope this will be printed without any content removed. No names have been mentioned and I'm only eluding the hypothetical situations anyway. But knowing Sikeston's kitty cat and litter box mentality, it probably will be. We mustn't ruffle any feathers, must we?

I had an abortion. The Government said it's OK. I am a law abiding citizen and since they said it was OK, I felt like it was OK. But now I want to say to vote pro-life because if I had it to do over again I would have listened to Gods' word.

Cardinal pitching is so bad in the post season, I would trade every stinking one of 'em. LaRussa has to go too.

I would like to comment on what Mike Barnes had to say about the teacher at New Madrid who was charged with rape, sodomy and distribution of a controlled substance. Barnes noted none of the alleged incidents under investigation occurred during school hours or on school property, did not occur while the teacher was acting in any capacity related to her employment with the district, did not involve minors attending the school where she taught and did not involve minors who have ever been students of Sharp. Does this make it right? Educators are role models at all times. They always represent the school where they teach. This is not the first time that New Madrid has had this type of behavior.

I am looking for a part-time daycare to care for my 3-month-old baby in my home beginning in January. Call me at 472-2136.

Why don't the officials in Morehouse make people who live here clean up these streets? On Poplar Street is a family whose yard looks like Sanford and Son's junkyard. I don't understand why they are not making people clean up their yards around here. This is really disgusting and we're tired of it. What can we do to get something done? It's terrible to have to live here. It's dangerous and it's terrible!

I am a resident of Kathleen Manor Apartments in Sikeston. This is a complex for the elderly and disabled and we are sick and tired of people moving in here and causing trouble and having all kinds of activities in and out of the apartments all hours of the day and nights. We have had cops over here several times. We just had the police here again a while ago for a young lady. As residents of this complex, we want it stopped by the police or the Manor's manager. We will not tolerate it any longer. Please help us if you can.

I can understand people who are in charge holding flu shots for chronically ill patients but my question is this. What about patients with cancer and heart problems? Those people don't seem to be able to get flu shots. I wouldn't want to have to be the one to answer for lying about the vaccines but there is a lot of that going on.