Speakout 4/4

Monday, April 4, 2005

I am a member of Class of 1995 and I was wondering if there is anything about our class reunion going on this April?

The Class of 1995 reunion is set for Sept. 23-24. Registration is at www.sikestonclassof1995.webhop.net.

I am new in the city and I need to be moving very soon and I need some help in doing that. I hear there are people who do this. Not big moving vans but people who move smaller stuff. I would like your help.

I would like to Speakout about the fire chief of Miner - him being a code enforcer and a building inspector. If he wasn't qualified then how come he passed Lamberts? How come he passed Skinny's? He did the rest of his job properly. I find this letter I got, I'm kind of irritated about it because I believe he is qualified to do it. He has been doing it for a year and these two businesses alone, the inspections he made on them, prove he was qualified.

I would like to Speakout concerning the Morehouse Post Office. This is serious subject. Our post office is remaining open around the clock. This is not a good thing for our post office. I pray that something will be done about this. They mayor and aldermen will take this situation in their hands and see what they can do about this because this is a serious thing about our mail. This is not a good thing for our post office to stay open around the clock.

To the gentleman on March 23 who is looking for company. I wouldn't mind meeting him. I would like for him to leave his number at the office and I will try to contact him but I'm afraid to put my number in the paper. If he is interesting, leave his number and I will get in touch with him.

I'm on SEMO's side. Three Rivers is just a hillbilly school anyway.

Ever wonder why Americans are losing jobs? Do you buy products with the label "Made in China"? China now provides more than 50 percent of the cameras sold worldwide, 35 percent of the televisions sold worldwide, 30 percent of the air conditioners sold worldwide, 25 percent of the washing machines sold worldwide, and 22 percent of the refrigerators sold worldwide. Maybe we ought to be seeking out "Made in the USA" and that isn't "Made in USA (Japan)" products to buy and perhaps some of our people who have lost jobs will be put back to work.