Speakout 9/23

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I am a truck driver and have seen cops out here in the median or wherever. If you're not guilty, don't worry about it. Let the cops do their job. If you're guilty, of course you're going to cry and moan. You're just lucky you didn't get caught. Let Miner cops do their job; let all the cops do their job. We're glad to have the authorities out here. At least they show their presence so you clowns slow your butts down.

Did colors change?

I thought the Sikeston school colors were red and black. When did they change them to red and gold? Also, has the song been changed to "red and gold?"

I am calling about the "Proposed law" that was in the Sept. 14 Standard Democrat. Smoking in public places like restaurants should be banned. I smoke, but I don't smoke in restaurants. I go there to eat. If I need to smoke that bad, I go outside. Getting rid of smoking areas is a joke. Let's ban smoking in restaurants. I'm not saying to ban it in bars or anything because people are going to smoke there. But I'm tired of smelling it in restaurants. If they can't go five or 10 minutes without smoking, they don't need it anyway.

To the caller who was concerned about politics showing up in churches in Charleston, they need to get with the program. Politics has been in Sikeston for years, particularly in a big church at Miner.

In regard to the concerned citizens in Mississippi County about the Web address of court proceedings against a child molester, if that doesn't give you enough of a thrill, why don't you stay up late at night and tune in to Howard Stern? I'm sure you're already a regular of Jerry Springer and Montel. I suggest you read up on the McMartin child molesting case in California, which is the epitome of injustice and character assassination in the United States. It accuses this society of murder as the most horrific crime; child molestation, neglect and abuse the second; and to be accused of such a wild act, as third. Someone should have to pay for this crime also. It, too, is a murder - a murder of your good name.

The police department here in East Prairie is really good. But we have an ordinance that says loud music is not to be heard more than 100 feet away. I have a business here and you can hear their music. What's so bad is that the police officers are sitting right over here watching them and talking to them. I am about 500 to 600 feet from where the music is coming from and can hear it here while I'm trying to run a business. Why don't the police enforce this law?

I read in the Sept. 14 Standard Democrat where retired Gen. Wesley Clark of Arkansas is putting his name in the ring for the Democratic presidential race for 2004. You have enough candidates. From what the paper said, I think he would be a good candidate. He would make Kerry of Massachusetts run in circles for awhile before he comes down and finds out just how much competition is out there. I'm neither Democrat nor Republican - I vote for the man. I'm not going to get excited about this until after the first of the year when we give the Democrats and Republicans who are running a chance to have debates on television. Those debates will narrow the candidates down and show what they really have on their minds. A newspaper article is not enough. Both parties are going to have big labor breathing down your collars next year. John Sweeney said he was very dissatisfied with President Bush. This should tell you Democrats something. So you better have a lot on the ball in the labor department as well as a lot of other departments. I believe this man would make a good presidential candidate.