Speakout 9-8

Monday, September 8, 2003

A quick word to the wise: Never disagree with your local elected officials or you could be branded as an opponent.

To the person who was saying to not vote for Holden as governor. I would like to remind that person and the rest of the people that the governor doesn't make the laws. It's your Republican Senate and House that have taken everything away.

In reference to the person who was a "informed and concerned citizen" of this area talking about Peter Myers and Lanie Black. I notice you still don't have the guts to put your name in the paper but you criticize everybody else. What's the matter? You afraid? I guess you're just a yellow-belly Democrat.

Apparently whoever does the newspaper doesn't know that there are 12 signs of the Zodiac. I was reading the Aug. 27 newspaper and some idiot forgot to put in Gemini. Gemini comes before Cancer and if the idiot who does the newspaper doesn't know what this is needs to get off the paper and let somebody else do it. Maybe they could do a better job.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. However, the people who work at the Standard Democrat are professionals, not idiots, as you have accused. Astro-Graph is a syndicated column provided by the Newspaper Enterprise Association. Gemini was missing from the Aug. 27 page when we received it. Since none of us are perfect, it might be well to remember the old cliche, "To err is human, to forgive, divine."

I would like to SpeakOut about the way they are handling Wakefield Street. I live at the corner of Wakefield and Sikes and it is terrible. You can't even get down the road. I asked the workers the other day when the street will be open and they told me it is none of my "f---ing business." Can the city do something about revamping the contract to make these people do a little something because they sit here all day and do nothing but play games.

Call Trey Hardy at the Street Department, 471-5100 to register your complaint.

I am calling about the snake issue in the paper. If people would keep their yards mowed and keep the garbage and trash out, and if the city would go to the abandoned properties and keep those yards mowed and trash picked up, the snake problem would probably disappear. There are copperheads all over on William Street where there is an abandoned house that is not being taken care of. The city is not taking care of this property. Weeds have grown up past the windows. The City of Sikeston needs to get their (expletive) in gear and take care of these properties.

I would like to thank the people who responded to my fear of snakes. This has certainly helped me and I appreciate their advice.

I would like to SpeakOut about the intersection of 61 and ZZ and HH. This intersection is very dangerous and something should be done about making it safer.

As we all know, this country was based on freedom of religion - not just one religion, but all religions. We are all given the freedom to worship as we please, at home, in your church or temple, whatever, whichever religion it may be. If you have time to really think about it, we all believe in God. As far as displaying the Ten Commandments in public buildings goes, not that there is anything wrong with displaying them, it should be out of respect for all people to display them in their appropriate place - your home, your church, your temple, whatever. Peace.

Why don't you put my message in SpeakOut? I called about Dr. Dillon seeing my kids for all these years and that he accepts Medicaid. What do I do? I get my article and right on the front page is an article about somebody we don't know coming into town because nobody else will see us. Please do that. That's all I'm asking.

Your comment was published in SpeakOut. With the volume of SpeakOut comments that we receive, it may be a week or more before some are published. We also had to verify your information with Dr. Dillon before printing your comments. Dr. Dillon does accept Medicaid and is taking new patients. Call 471-4335 for more information.

This goes to the old bag who flipped off an 8-year-old girl. You should look at your hand. There are more fingers pointing at you than at her. Back to you.