Speakout 9/28

Sunday, September 28, 2003

I read SpeakOut about the dogs and police in Morley. The police misrepresented themselves in that situation. They shot the wrong dog. They shot a resident's dog and are trying to cover it up. The Morley police force must be a cover-up and this should be investigated by somebody. Who should I call?

Call the Scott County Sheriff's Department at 471-3530. This incident was reported to them by the Morley police.

It's a good thing the Morley dog catcher wasn't with a sheriff's deputy a couple of weeks ago. The deputy got bit by a dog and could possibly have gotten shot by a human being.

Bull crap! The Morley police officer doing the dog catcher's job and the dog catcher doing the police officer's job? Who signs their paychecks? Whew! The water meter reader?

I am calling about the citywide cleanup. What exactly can we throw away? They list everything we can't and the only thing we can throw away is regular garbage that we have every week.

Residents sometimes have old fans, furniture and other items that are not normally put out for trash pick up. Appliances can be picked up if you call Sonny's Solid Waste before your cleanup date. For more information, call Jiggs Moore at 472-3775.

The Sept. 21 SpeakOut had an item in there about "Wrong sale," where someone sold the wrong lamp at a yard sale on 312 Scott St. It would help if they said what town. It isn't 312 Scott St. in Sikeston.

To the people who have the privilege of working days and not nights, in this city there are about 1,700 of us (give or take a few) who have to work and don't get to lay on our butts and do nothing whether it be days or night. For we who work nights, your days are our nights. So please, do not make appointments to do work on our homes and not show up and then call us a few hours later with an excuse. We've already been up all night and half the day, and we're in a bad mood. Don't pull up in front of our houses, you ignoramus, and blow your horn. If your mother didn't teach you to have the common decency to get your lazy (expletive) out of the car, walk up to the door, then just don't come back. Don't call us in the afternoons because your afternoons are our nights. We usually try to get a couple hours of sleep before going to work. We sleep in the morning, get up and do what we have to do and then take an afternoon nap; or we go to sleep as soon as we get home in the morning and then stay up all afternoon and night. If you know us, then you know our sleeping habits. Believe you me, the next time we have a night off, we'll drive over to your house, blow our horn at you, call you all hours of the night and make sure you don't get any sleep. Get some common sense, people.

To the person who said Missouri is going to hell in a hand basket because of Bob Holden, it's not Bob Holden's fault. It's your Busy Boy the President who has given us the largest debt in the history of the United States and a war that is costing us more than $90 billion. So, fellas, when you want to start criticizing, criticize where it really is right. Just because your philosophy differs with that of Holden, it's one thing to really keep in mind. Holden's just the governor. He doesn't make laws. It's the Republicans who are in charge now that make the laws.

This is to the Charleston person who keeps calling SpeakOut about the child molestation and solving the case against a certain person. There is no way this guy could have ever done that. I have known him all my life and am real close to him and I know his family. I don't know what you're after, but please get a life and quit running this in the paper. This is ridiculous. I know he has to go to trial but if you believe in God, then I suggest you get your Bible out and start reading it where it says do not accuse people against false pretenses.

I would like to respond to a Sept. 19 SpeakOut. I, too, am from North Dakota and I take issue with someone who purports to speak for all the people of North Dakota as the caller did. I, too, lived fairly close to the border and return to North Dakota frequently. Never have I heard anyone criticize the immigration officials in North Dakota as the caller did. I just felt called upon to speak for myself and friends and family in North Dakota who do not share the caller's view of the immigration officials in North Dakota.