Letter to the Editor

Your View 10/10: Speed limits

Friday, October 10, 2003

I read the article about Mini-Farms wanting to drop the speed limit from 55 to 45 on the section of HH from 1/2 mile west of Ingram Road to the intersection of H. The reason, as I understand it, is that some are speeding on this stretch of road and speed limits save lives.

In the words of Derry Brownfield, this is ignorance gone to seed. Let me see if I can draw an analogy that would fit here. The liberals would love to have the gun laws so tight that no one would be able to own a gun. Opponents say that when that happens, only criminals will have guns as they don't obey laws anyway. Does anyone think that lowering the speed limit would cause the speeders to obey that law if they are not obeying the current law?

Now, about the lowering of the speed limit saving lives, I don't argue that point. However, the question looms, in my mind at least, just how many lives have been lost on that stretch of road? I haven't even seen any accidents on that stretch of road except at the two intersections mentioned above and I don't believe those were because of high speeds.

My analysis is that there is a little in-fighting going on in Mini-Farms.

I don't expect you will print this as I haven't signed it, but I do notice you print SpeakOut and those are anonymous. Oh, well.