SpeakOut 10/6

Monday, October 6, 2003

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I want to thank Mr. Jensen for his nice little write-up about Gordon from WKRP. I too am a fan of the show and maybe someday we'll see them on TV again.

Why do people throw trash everywhere? Are they jealous of people and businesses who have nice yards and driveways and parking lots in which people take pride in? Do they enjoy offending people and having them spend valuable time and money cleaning up the mess? Or is it that their mental capacities are so low that they don't know that trash cans and bins are everywhere. Maybe it's just that they are too lazy for the effort. do they lack dignity, decency and common sense? Please help keep our town clean.

My husband and I went to a girls little league soccer game last night to watch our granddaughter play soccer. Her coach is large man and we have watched this man. He taught one of our grandson's baseball in little league. All he did was constantly, constantly scream at those children. We have watched this man through the years and quite frankly we are all fed up with it. Last night was the last draw when he called these little girls stupid. How these people in Sikeston can let this man continually, continually coach these teams I do not know. The other coach on the other team kept his team upbeat. He called them ladies and continually encouraged them. He has coached several teams from Little League on up. This guy needs some recognition. Come on people get with it.

I was just wondering if someone could tell me what happened to the Republican Guard Army in Iraq and the military. I would appreciate it if someone would tell me.

I'm leaving a reply to the Morley incident. you can't win for losing in a small town. If the Morley police officer had let the dog run loose it would attack another person, maybe somebody's child. then somebody would have called Speak Out and said something about how the Morley cop doesn't do his job and lets wild dogs run the street. Any dog that attacks an elderly person needs to be shot. I'm sure the Scott County Sheriff's Department would have handled it the same way. I would like to leave my name, it is Virginia Curtis.

I don't understand why the taxpayers of the United States have to pay to rebuild Iraq. My god, the money they are spending there. That country is way down the line. There is nothing there that is modern there as it is here. They are trying to make a completely modern country out of it at the expense of the taxpayers. But when the terrorists came over here and blew down the World towers and everything else with their terrorist attacks, I didn't hear or see any of those guys helping us. Nobody ever helps the United States but the united states helps everybody.