Speakout (10/5)

Sunday, October 5, 2003

I'm calling from Morehouse. Someone came on my property and took my container of gas for my lawn mower. If you had come to my door and told me you needed gas for your car or lawn mower, I would have helped you out. But instead, you took the container I had the gas in, and left. When I went to get it to mow my lawn, I didn't have any gas. If you had asked, I would have helped you. Please return my container to my house on South Benton and Beech streets.

I have received this paper for years and years and I hate to admit it, but this is the first editorial by Mike Jensen that I agree with. On this Community Christmas Campaign, I believe it is part of the problem because they become dependent on it. When the second generation is dependent on it, something is totally wrong with the system. I believe three years should be all a family should be allowed to be on the campaign and receive Christmas gifts. It's supposed to be for the kids, but when it's the second generation, something is very wrong.

The people who are dropping dogs on East Prairie county roads should be ashamed. Take your dogs to the dogs pound. Maybe someone would like to have them. The person who drives the white pickup truck, I have your license plate number. You need to pick up your dog or I will turn you into the humane society. People out here are watching when people drop their dogs off.

Turn the information in to your sheriff's office.

When you get old and can't remember like you did when you were 16, you have Alzheimer's? Bull crap!

I have always considered myself a Republican, but I have gotten enough of the Republican Party. Four years of Republicans and we're fed up. They have put everyone in financial trouble, took most of our jobs and put the U.S. deep in debt. We're tired of Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney. It will take a long time to get back to where we were when they took over. I don't like the crooked deals they made in Iraq. I think they're a bunch of crooks and I will never vote Republican again.

Does anyone have pears to sell? I'd like to make some pear preserves. Please leave a number in SpeakOut.

I want to let parents know that there is a daycare in East Prairie that is letting three older brothers terrorize the smaller children. They kick and punch the other kids, they hold them down so they can't holler for help. The owner and worker admitted to me they have seen this abuse but can't discipline them. The workers are told to keep the kids out of these bullies' way so they won't be hurt. Although they know about the abuse, the children are still permitted to attend the daycare. They have spoken to the older kids' mother but the other daycares are full and she has to work. Isn't there a hotline or something where this can be reported?

Call the Missouri Division of Family Services at (573) 472-5222 and they will be able to direct you to the right people.

In response to the Sept. 24 SpeakOut, I disagree with W.T. Woods. George Bush may not be perfect, but neither is anybody else, except the Lord, Jesus Christ. Bush hasn't hurt our country as bad as Osama bin Laden has. It's not the President's place to run Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. At least we have a president who had the nerve to show up and talk with the families of the victims of 9/11. If you don't like him, go where Osama bin Laden is and kiss his (expletive).

I would like to address this question to the Sikeston School Board. What is the total cost of the new Horizon School? Also, my understanding is that it is not affiliated in any way with Sikeston High School and the students are issued a Sikeston High School diploma. Wouldn't it be better if these ADH students just attend the adult education GED program?