Letter to the Editor

Your view: Get involved

Thursday, June 21, 2007

To the citizens of Miner:

The citizens of Miner need to get involved in what goes on here in Miner. We need to attend the board meetings and determine for ourselves just what is going on. Miner needs our input; we need to voice our approval or disapproval of what has been going on and what will be going on. Miner belongs to all citizens of Miner, not just the queen and king.

Attend the board meetings, normally held on the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. You can then determine for yourself what is going on and which mayor is controlling the meeting. The board should be looking out for the interests of all citizens and not just what they want. Yes, it will take some of our time, but if we want our city properly operated, we need to attend all board meetings and let the board know our feelings.

Did you (the citizens of Miner) know that the board has sold the property that was purchased for the Miner Convention Center? I did not see any ad about this property being for sale, nor was I, or anyone else, given the opportunity to bid on purchasing the property. And what about the possibility of our park being placed there, and the city paying the the tourism fund back for the proper amount of money?

The purchase price of this property has not been made public; we citizens of Miner should be allowed to know this information. Was the money returned to the proper fund?

I would like for the mayor and all board members to personally assure we citizens of Miner that background checks were made on all personal appointments. If checks were made, did all have a clean slate? We citizens have no way to know if anything is clean or not. Also, are all personnel properly qualified for each and every phase of their positions? And why was one individual hired when his position was already filled by three very qualified men at a lower cost?

Why have our police officers been leaving Miner for other positions? Citizens of Miner, make sure all things you are being told are the truth. We need to attend the board meetings to educate ourselves. There will be another election in April 2008 and changes can be made, but we must take the time to educate ourselves and then go vote next April.

Name withheld by request