SpeakOut 10/16

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Call 471-6636

I am calling about the motor scooters. There was an article in a Sunday paper and again in SpeakOut. There are little scooters all over in Miner and some have little children riding on them. A little girl turned one over and almost caused me to have an accident. These are little kids who don't have health problems. If you come to the Miner Subdivision you will see these little kids riding them. Miner does not enforce the law, except for certain people. Maybe it's not a law in Miner, I don't know. This is a dangerous situation.

We spoke with the Miner Police chief about this issue and his response was in an earlier SpeakOut column. Miner Police Chief Roger Moore said, "Miner does not have an ordinance concerning electric scooters at this time to prevent people from riding them on city streets in residential areas. However if they are being ridden on state or interstate highways, police would probably escort them off the highways (violators on the interstate highway would probably be issued a ticket). It's too dangerous for scooters to even get onto highways to get to another road."

I'm looking at a very good article about a young Navy man who just completed his training at Great Lakes, Ill. My problem is, the headline is "New Madrid soldier completes training." Someone needs to get their act together, please. Identify people as they are.

According to the dictionary a soldier is one who is in military service, however we agree most people tend to think of it as one who is in the Army so perhaps sailor would have been the better choice. Thanks for pointing this out.

No. Rush Limbaugh has not taken responsibility for his drug abuse. If he follows what he preaches he'll give himself up for prison time, just like every other person in jail for illegal possession of oxycontin. In the United States, no person of wealth ever goes to jail. We all know the wealthy elite even commit murder and get away with it, for as we also all know, they will never receive the death penalty. We have no justice system in this country. There are just laws imposed by the elite to keep the poor, the perceived slaves of the elite, in line. Would you give me the statistics on exactly how many Americans are now in regular prison for illegal oxycontin possession? Rush Limbaugh is not a real man. He is a cowardly lying hypocrite.

This is to your sports writers. If you do put this in the paper, it will be a first. This is real Bulldog country. I'm talking about Portageville - Portageville High School football. First, how can you so-called sportswriters, on your panel, say the 14-7 Portageville victory over Hayti Friday night was an upset. But a special thanks goes out to Chad Fryman for the only to pick Portageville on your panel. You other amateurs on your panel need to take lessons from him. Look out, people. The real Bulldogs are coming, thanks to coach McKay.