SpeakOut 7/31

Thursday, July 31, 2003

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As long as you don't implicate anyone or tell who someone is, why is it that the Standard Democrat says you can speak about anything you want to about anything and then don't print it; as long as you don't implicate, tell who it is by name or anything else?

SpeakOut does invite the public to call in comments of their choosing, however, the Standard Democrat has to follow rules like everybody else. The content of some SpeakOut comments cannot be printed for various reasons. For example, we recently had calls that would have actually been trying a legal matter in the newspaper before it ever goes to court. We also receive calls that could be potentially scandalous to the people or businesses the callers are speaking of. The Standard Democrat reserves the right to edit for clarity as well as to not publish comments that could be potentially libelous to the newspaper.

This message is to Sikeston Superintendent of Schools Steve Borgsmiller. You used to keep kids out of school until after Labor Day. You had a lot happier parents around here and everything was better. The heat wasn't so bad then because you won't have many heat waves after Labor Day. So why don't you think about that and try to do it this year, or vote it in for next year?

We contacted Sikeston Superintendent of Schools Steve Borgsmiller with your suggestion. Borgsmiller said he checked records from the past 35 years. Since 1968, there have only been three occasions when Sikeston started school after Labor Day (1984, 1985 and 1986). The reason Sikeston can now start classes before Labor Day is that all buildings are air conditioned.

I have to wonder what Saddam Hussein and those two boys' mother thought the minute they learned their two sons were dead. Was he grieving at that moment that Allah was not God? Of all us mothers who have lost children, we know their pain. As the rich man cried from hell for God to warn his brothers, are these two boys crying that God should warn their dad? It doesn't make any sense. As we go to church, as we look at our children, have we taught them what it would take if tomorrow they would die? Did we teach them about God, or did we teach them about the world, because the world is killing our children. There will be no peace as long as there is hate, so why don't we think about that? My heart cries out for those two young men. Even though the great sins they had committed, why wasn't there someone there to teach them? As parents, it is our job to teach our children. This is the United States of America, but we could see our children die the same way. Think about it, parents.

This is to the lady who bought a pair of blue lamps at 312 Scott St. at a yard sale July 11 and 12. I sold the wrong lamps and would gladly give the lady her money back if she would bring the lamps back.