Speakout 10/11

Monday, October 11, 2004

Senior citizens everywhere (not only in Missouri), please listen. This maniac we have as president is going to ruin our Social Security. Please do not vote for this man. Let's get him out of office. Look at the things he should have done for three years and now he's starting to do them. What kind of deal is that? We cannot tolerate this kind of leadership. Please, let's get him out.

Did or did not President Bush ever serve in the military? All we ever hear is that he got an honorable discharge. All we need is a yes or no because for the last six months while he was in service, he got no pay. He should answer and say yes, he served or no, he didn't (or that he want AWOL to avoid Vietnam). What is wrong with giving us a simple yes or no.

The answer is yes. Bush served in the National Guard, was a naval pilot, did not serve in Vietnam and did receive an honorable discharge.

Joseph Perkins' column the other night was about how Newt Gingrich forced Clinton to have a balanced budget. I guess that was just for Democrats. The Bush administration inherited a large surplus and now we have the biggest deficit ever. Bush whines about inheriting a recession and, like most of the population, claimed no responsibility. "It's not my fault." He says Kerry's ideas are to tax and spend. Nobody likes taxes, but it makes more sense to tax and spend rather than just spend like he is doing. Of course, he has never had to worry about where his money comes from. In another four years, at the rate things are going now, this country will never, ever get out of debt. As it stands now, our grandchildren at least will be paying on it. On the flip-flop question, Bush fought the 9/11 Commission tooth and nail. Public pressure made him change his position. Now he is for it about 150 percent. I guess he didn't flip-flop; he only changed his mind. All these wonderful things Bush says he will do if re-elected, one wonders why he didn't work on those things the last four years instead of promising to do them the next four.

Are there any clubs for singles in the Sikeston area?

Here is some information that may help. A support group for singles meets at the Powerhouse of God Church, 951 S. Kingshighway. Call Dianna Jackson at 471-6020 for more information. Other groups meet outside of the Sikeston area as well. Christians Without Partners meets from 7 to 9 p.m. the first Saturday of each month for fellowship and a potluck meal at the Lilbourn General Baptist Church, located at the corner of Beaher Road and Roberts Avenue. For more information, call Sue Fox at 472-3132; Pat Broyles at 748-2496; Abby Herring at 688-2617; or Shelia Jimerson at 748-2368. For single parents, Parents Without Partners meets several times each month and offers a variety of activities including family activities, dances, parties, etc. in the Cape Girardeau/Jackson area. Call (573) 335-5707 or 243-2298 for information.

To the person who was pounding Mike Jensen's comments about Dan Rather and claims that Bush is starving her family to death. Bush did not take you to raise. If you don't have a job, maybe you need to get one. They're not hard to come by and I see the paper is full of ads every day. I am a single mother of three kids and do just fine. I do not receive any kind of public assistance and I'm not starving. I have no higher education than a high school diploma. I would suggest that you get out, off your butt, and find work. It aggravates me that people sit around and expect other people to make their money for them and take care of their kids. If Kerry gets into office, this country is in trouble. I don't care what anybody says. If you're voting for Kerry, there is something wrong with you and you need to study the candidates again.

The high school bands in the Cotton Carnival Parade were all good, but the one from North Pemiscot County was outstanding. How proud this community of a very small school must be of their band director and young people. Please keep supporting them. They are great!

CBS needs to go to FOX News and borrow one of their good announces, such as Molly or Martha. Either of them have old Dan Rather beat by a country mile.

I had a politician sign in my front yard on Main Street in New Madrid. It's pretty cowardly when thieves come and steal the signs during the night. To the person or persons who are doing this, come back up here and get another one. I will be waiting and have something for you.