Letter to the Editor

Your view: Stop abuse

Monday, April 11, 2005

Society seems to have forgotten that aside from air and water, children are our most precious resource. However, some of our lesser, no-good-to-the-

human-race disturbed people, tend to prey on children. Parents sometimes help this tragedy along by not teaching their children one very important lesson of life. They don't teach the child how to scream! Really! The news is full of stories, the most recent being in Florida. The family is at home. A parent or parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters all at home in the same house. Usually at night, sometimes in the daylight hours. What happens? Some low life gets into the house, in many cases more than one child is in the bedroom. They see a stranger in the room. Where is the Fay Raye scream? No where. The stranger, or sometimes relative, takes a child and leaves, no screams, no trying to get away. The child is led or carried to its torture and death. People, teach your children to scream! It could save their life, and yours.

A few years ago, a book was written for abused women called "When the Rabbit Howls." Women and children are like timid rabbits. Abused women and children scream on the inside but you can't hear it. They keep the scream bottled up. The world around them does not notice anything out of the ordinary, except for occasional bruises. But like timid little shy bunnies, no scream is heard. Except, sometimes a rabbit howls. Actually, they don't howl, they squeak frantically. Women and children need to scream, they need to howl. Let somebody know what is happening.

There is one thing to know about bruises. If the bruise is purple, it is recent. If the bruise is green, it is maybe three days old or more. I am not a woman but my wife is. We have a grown son. We always wanted a daughter too. One time, somebody tried to get our son. They didn't try a second time, I wonder why! These creatures who dwell among us take boys, as well as girls. These people do exist! And you women, should dress to please your husbands. Some husbands don't mind their wives going naked in public. I don't tell my wife how to dress. But little girls shouldn't be made to look like they're 20 years old. They are sick people, who will see them that way. Creatures!

Teach your children to scream, let them sleep with bed alarms. Radio Shack has them. protect your little ones. And if you yourself are hurting them STOP NOW! Get help before it is too late.

The next child that gets taken could be your own. If you know someone who is mistreating a child, report them or something. Don't let abuse continue. Pick up the phone and make that call. The hurt won't stop on its own.


Larry Coram