Speakout 11/24

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I just put my son on the school bus this morning after he cried for an hour. There is a 17- or 18-year-old girl who rides the bus and is loud and obnoxious, she picks on the small children, sings dirty songs. You wouldn't think a person of her age would do that, but she does. I've tried to talk to the bus driver but he's too scared. I have called the school but nothing has changed. Why do they let this go on? He cries every morning because he doesn't want to ride the bus. I have no car, so I have no choice. What can be done about the bullies?

Call the Sikeston Board of Education at 472-2581.

In answer to "Speak truth or nothing." Thank God for the Morehouse cop if he or she does what you say. The officer must have had a reason for doing it. If you are guilty, they will eventually catch you and prove it. They need to clear drugs up in Morehouse and everywhere else.

The caller's complaint was that an officer is telling others in the community that he/she is selling drugs. The caller denied the allegations and wants the rumors to stop.

I would like to SpeakOut about two things. The jury that refused to give the death penalty to the scum that raped and killed the two ladies who lived south of here should hang their heads in shame. If they didn't feel they could vote for the death penalty, they should not have served on a jury in the first place. Secondly, there was a car pulling down a residential street on Nov. 15 with a guy hanging out the window, shooting a gun at the car in front of it. But there was no mention of it in the newspaper. Has this behavior become so common in our town that it doesn't even make the news? How sad.

Concerning your second question, this story was published Nov. 18. The Standard Democrat could not publish the information until it was released by the Sikeston Department of Public Safety.

Hooray for the Public Safety for cracking down on underage drinking in Sikeston. There is so much of it. There are also parents who buy liquor for kids. I am so glad to see something finally being done. Hopefully this will help our youth.

I am calling about the appearance of a local restaurant. When I went there to order some food I noticed the building looks run-down and condemned. It would be really nice if you could paint it and maybe spice it up a little bit.

With the season of joy and holidays here, my mind is constantly on the soldiers overseas. I would like to see everyone put a single light in the window. The candlelight you see in the stores just uses a single little night light. I would like to see people in our area do this and keep the light on until our soldiers are all back home.

You know, Mr. Police Officer, most people drive at night with their headlights on - just kidding. I love you guys.