SpeakOut 7/7

Monday, July 7, 2003

Call 471-6636

I heard on the news again that there was a daycare worker who had left a child in a van and the child died in the heat because they forgot to get it off the van. That could be prevented if they count the kids before they get on the van, when they get off the van and count again when they get where they're going. If she had kept a head-count, this tragedy could have been prevented.

If you have a daughter who needs a job, it's not right for you to seek out another person's job. It's not right for you to write ugly things in SpeakOut about this person or their political views or organizations they belong to. It's not right to go around town talking about this girl because you covet her job for your daughter to get her job, because if your daughter gets the job, she won't prosper from it. Please do things the right way.

Talk about an idiot. Trying to make out Bush to be a liar and pretending Bill and Hillary aren't, if you're the same one to bag that they're your kind of people, you should be ashamed to admit it. Ha ha. To say Hussein hurt nobody, where were you Sept. 11 and at the embassy bombings? Maybe you should go over there and live and take your idols, Hillary and Bill, along.

I see where a SpeakOut caller wants to burn the mannequins in a downtown window or cover them with sheets. I didn't know John Ashcroft was in town.

I'm calling in regards to Memorial Park Cemetery, I paid for a stone for my parents on Dec. 13 and it has not been put down yet. I have been promised the step stone for the two stones several times and haven't got it yet. Who can we contact in Texas to see that this is handled in a more businesslike manner?

You're not the only one who has had trouble with Garden of Memories Cemetery getting their tombstones out there. I have had mine ordered since March 11 and they still don't have it on my husband's grave. We need to get something done. It also needs to be mowed.

I just got my tax report and my taxes are going to be about $60 a month less. I dare any tax-hungry Democrat to try and take it away from me.