Speakout 3/8

Monday, March 8, 2004

I don't know what all the fuss is. I'm not gay and I don't care what other people do in their personal lives, especially who other people marry. If you're that concerned about someone else's life or even their marriage, then maybe you need to examine your own life or even your own marriage.

If anyone has found a ferret, please call 472-2073. It is sable and answers to "Murray" and was lost in the 600 block of West Salcedo Road.

I was pleased to read the letter to the editor from high school student Brian Cole. He has a real grasp of Social Security issues in this country. He is a credit to his teachers, his school and the entire community of Risco. Brian, you have take a big step in restoring my faith in the future of this country.

I read your article about Social Security. Yes, changes are needed. Bush needs to get his hands out of the Social Security money because he's the one who dipped into it; we didn't. There wouldn't be such a big problem with Social Security if they hadn't dipped into it so we could get overseas. A lot of people are disabled. I have a son with kidney failure and he needs his Social Security. They raised the school tax to make up for the difference in property tax. People in this country are money-hungry. When Clinton was in, we had a surplus, money put back and plenty of money for Social Security. Put the blame where it really belongs.

Here we go again. Nothing else to do so they're starting on Medicare again. No wonder we hate the government like we do. Why in the world are they doing this? This is going to give the young people permission not to work and won't care to work. Why don't they start where they can really get the money? Cut the President's salary in half, along with the other politicians who aren't doing anything anyway. They just repeatedly rip us off and we're not going to take it anymore. Now here comes Greenspan and then the President. Who's behind all this, anyway? Is it political or what? Greenspan says we'll have a cut in Medicare and then the President comes along and says, "No we're not." Does he think he's going to make points with us? No way. We're already down on him.

In the Feb. 25 SpeakOut where an illegal alien was arrested in New Madrid County, why was he arrested? The article said he was in a store and the officer approached him. What caused the approach? Could a little more information be given about this, please?

Sorry. The information we printed is what was given to us from the U.S. Federal Court in Cape Girardeau. He was arrested and charged with trespassing. It was determined that he was an illegal alien in this country from Mexico. The defendant pled guilty to one felony count of knowingly and unlawfully entering and remaining in the United States without the permission of the attorney general of the United States. Due to a previous felony drug conviction, he faces a prison term of not more than 20 years and/or a fine not to exceed $250,000.