Speakout 1/29

Thursday, January 29, 2004

If Gephardt withdraws from the race now will he do what the people of Missouri elected him to do? Will he reimbursed the state for money he used from our salary that he didn't work for. That old adage you get paid what for you does not count when it comes to politicians?

- - -

If you don't know the difference between a primary vote and a caucus vote, here it is. In a primary vote you get everybody's vote, in caucus vote you don't get anybody's vote.

I read about these house that are condemned. They ought to check on some of these buildings in town, too. There is one on Hunter Street that ought to be torn down. It is not occupied. It is made out of concrete. They need to check it out and get it torn down, it is really an eyesore.

I want to Speakout about these people who are drawing disability checks, especially these obese people. I sure don't go along with them getting a disability. All they do is sit around and eat and get fatter and fatter. If they would move around, walk and work they could lose but no they sit on their fat butts and draw a check. I think it should be cut out. Also the young girls who are getting out here and getting pregnant and drawing a check for each kid. Some of them have three or four kids. None of them have the same daddy. Send them in for counseling and put those kids in a home with somebody who could take care of them. The only people who should draw any kind of money is the sick and the old people that can't help themselves. The old people have worked hard all their lives and now they can't work. They would if there were able and they could but now they can't work. These young girls should be forced to work and make their own living for the families they go out and get. Quit giving them a check. I think that is wrong.

I am an 18-year-old girl from Sikeston. I am pregnant and there are a few things I would like to say. People are talking about people being on welfare and they may not need it but a lot of us do. It is really hard to find a job in Sikeston. Everyone worries about Mexicans coming here to get a job but they need to worry about us Americans getting a job. Everyone needs to think about that before they let the Mexicans get all our jobs. Also we are worried about Mexicans coming here well they need to worry about the Chinese people, too. They are taking over everything and buying up all the stores and soon everyone else is going to be working for them. Before we think about everyone else we need to think about ourselves. If we don't have a job what will we do.

I would just like to say thank you to the former choir members at the First Baptist Church who came back on to celebrate our 20th anniversary of our Living Christmas Tree. Thank you for taking time to sing with us in the last two Christmas carols we sang. May God bless you all - A choir member.

Over on Andrea Street as you turn to go around there are some of the barkingest dogs that I have ever heard. They bark all night, all day. I wish the people would put them in the house or get rid of them.

This about the car radios. There are people who play their radios so loud out here you can hear it in the house and in the shops and stuff. If it does, I have a complaint.

I was trying how I go about getting one of those $90,000 a year jobs here in Sikeston with seven or eight weeks off. We only have 30 days a year, not seven or eight weeks. Can you put in the paper how to get those jobs. I would be happy with half that salary.

I would like to Speakout about the way they are doing Martha Stewart. Poor old lady worked hard for what she has got and come up. Hillary Clinton got all that money and she lied and got up there and lied about how she got hers on that sale. Clinton lied about how he never had sex and things. They never did nothing with them. Why are they after Martha? She must be a Republican because they are the only ones who ever get after and fight, wanting their money.