Speakout 3/14

Sunday, March 14, 2004

I was at a funeral last week in Morehouse and when I went to sign the guest book I noticed someone's name had been marked out and changed. That was a very bad thing they did and whoever did it is a sorry person. I would like to apologize to the lady they did it to.

I don't understand why the new businesses (like the New Madrid Group Practice and Dollar General) at the old mall not fill the potholes in the parking lot? You could lose a car in some of them.

I can't believe a school teacher would use duct tape to tape the mouths of two children and only get two days' suspension. The children get worse punishment than that if they cause any small problems at school. The teacher who used duct tape to tape a child to the chair as well as across his mouth has to be crazy. If they did that to my child, I'd be at the school in nothing flat. They should do the same thing to the teacher that she did to the child. Teachers these days want you dope up your children before you send them to school because they don't have the patience to deal with any small problems. If the teachers would work better with the kids, maybe they would get more out of the kids and there wouldn't be any problems.


Gay marriages are wrong. If they were allowed, for example, what if something happened to you and your child had been adopted by a gay couple, what kid of lifestyle is that child going to learn? When you oppose gay marriages you are doing the right thing.

The SpeakOut article entitled "Accept changes" says we should just accept gay marriage. The polls nationwide tell us that the majority of the people in the United States do not accept gay marriages. Before it was abortion and before that it was unwed mothers having children. Now it's gay marriages. If we keep accepting all these immoral changes, our nation is going to slide further and further into the mess that it is in. I will not accept gay marriages or abortion and I do not condone unwed mothers having child after child. I believe if this country stands by and lets these changes go into effect, our nation is going to be headed in a direction we do not want to go.

I read Mike Jensen's comments and they stink. Mr. Kerry has more knowledge in his little toe than you do, Mr. Jensen. That's the reason you are a mere publisher and he's going to be our next president. Maybe you could be something other than a little publisher. You think you know so much. I get sick and tired of reading your comments. They're ignorant, all about the Democrats. You never say anything bad about Republicans. Four more years of the idiot we have in the White House could change your feeble mind, but then again, who knows? There might not be a Standard Democrat when people don't have the business to advertise and people can't buy your three-or four-page paper.

Why will moles attack some lawns and not others? When and how long do they burrow? How do you get rid of them?

According to St. Louis biologist David Tylka, several remedies have bee tried to get rid of moles, including windmills, mothballs, castor beans and garlic, but none of them will consistently produce the same results as a properly placed trap. The common Missouri mole, Scalopus aquaticus is a small mammal weighing about 3 ounces. They feed on soil-dwelling creatures such as beetles, spiders centipedes ant pupae and cutworms. They can harvest more than 140 grubworms and cutworms daily (many of which are destructive to backyard plants). Choker and spear traps are the two most widely used traps. You could also treat your yard with poisons to kill the food source and that will discourage moles from staying around. However, these poisons kill not only the unwanted soil inhabitants but also beneficial ones such as cutworms. By using poisons, you also run the risk of affecting songbird and butterfly populations and could pose harm to children and household pets.

Are there any exercise places in the area that use the "toning machine?"