Speakout 11/27

Monday, November 27, 2006

Abuse committee

To a member of a certain committee, I would like to use SpeakOut to tell him Webster's definition of the word abuse. One to put to wrong or improper use, disrespect or contempt, improper actions.

Honor the Airborne Infantry

Since we are building monuments, how about a monument for the brave boys who jumped in the dark of night behind German lines to meet up with us who were covering a shore at Normandy the next morning? I am speaking of the Airborne Infantry units of World War II.

Another safety factor I would like to see used in Sikeston is the use of your headlights. The days now are particularly cloudy and the cars, especially the dark colors, are so hard to see. It would make a lot of difference in seeing early morning and late afternoon traffic with a little of effort in turning on your lights. Please do so.

I would just like to say to the person who called in about the Jesus freaks. I couldn't have said it better myself. And yes, if don't get Jesus back in our lives and into this nation, we are going to split the gates of hell wide open. Our children are going to the dogs, our country is because of the way people just don't have love for each other. And they just need to realize that there just is no other way. Thank you person, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Thank you Mr. Johnny Kestner for making us that delicious stew at the Eagles. I was very hungry and that really hit the spot. Thank you from all the members of the Eagles.

I got my taxes the other day and can you tell me whose health insurance I am paying? It's certainly not mine. Why do we pay someone's health insurance when they can't pay? Let them pay their own insurance. City or county, that's not right. I would like for someone to pay my insurance, too. And why do we pay a school tax? We don't have no school kids in school. And why do some pay more than others? Would you please answer these questions for me?

The Republicans are spinning facts again so I want to set the record straight on stem cell research. Amendment 2 that just passed in Missouri is the topic. It is Republican legislation, written and paid for by the most part the Sauers Family of Kansas City, founders of the Sowers Institute. And assisted by the Danforth Family, the greatest benefactors of Washington University in St. Louis. Both families are good and reputable people. It was further supported by Governor Blunt, previous Chief Justice Republican Ann Covington and even Jim Talent, until he did that renowned Republican integrity routine, the 180 degree reversal, which he thought would get him more votes. Don't take my word for it, just think. All of the ads paid for by this group featured these people in the ads. They were not Democrats. All this information is available to anyone who simply looks.