Letter to the Editor

Your view: Change ahead

Sunday, February 8, 2004

To the Citizens of Sikeston:

Tuesday's election was a great day for the future of our community. The City Council thanks you, the voters, for adopting the general sales tax, and giving us the means to properly support the mission of Public Safety, to promote higher education, and to remove the vacant, derelict buildings that erode the value of homes and businesses. Both Council and City Staff fully appreciate and respect the confidence you have bestowed upon us. In our communications with you, we outlined programs and initiatives we will be undertaking in the coming years. We will accomplish these goals. Likewise, the Council will continue its public dialogue from which future municipal priorities will be established and appropriate action taken.

Again, we thank you for giving this community the financial means to plan and work for the future. We stand at the crossroads of opportunity. Your vote of support sends a strong message ůSikeston's residents are willing to invest in a new and better tomorrow.

In closing we wish to reiterate our pledge to you, Sikeston's taxpayers. Your 2004 municipal real estate and personal property taxes will be reduced by 21 percent. We want you, your children, and your grandchildren to make Sikeston their home. This measure coupled with the improvements to be funded by the new general sales tax can, and will make this possible.


The Sikeston City Council

Mike Marshall, Mayor

Michael Harris, Mayor Pro Tem and Ward 4 Council Representative

Phil Boyer, At-large Council Representative

Sue Rogers, At-large Council Representative

Jerry Pullen, Ward 1 Council Representative

Jim Terrell, Ward 2 Council Representative

David Teachout, Ward 3 Council Representative