Speakout 10/19

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

There is one way sure way to get rid of a lot of our trouble in this world. The best way is to get rid of the countries that are causing all the trouble like Iran, France, North Korea, Germany, Syria, Sudan and on down the list. We don't need foreign countries. They are costing this country money. Kerry and the President need to talk about the morals in this country instead of throwing a lot of mud at each other. The people in Hollywood need to be straightened out. Their morals are bad. I could go on and on, but I would like for the people to think about this.

Soon after Sept. 11, 2001, President Bush said, "We will make no distinction between the terrorists and the countries who harbor them." Saddam was a terrorist. Iraq harbored them. Enough said. Bush followed through on his word. Since 2001 our armed forces have helped to annihilate 3,000 members of the Taliban in 102 countries. They have no place to rest. They keep moving from place to place and being kicked out by our alliances that Bush has helped make. All over the world, this is happening. The reason there are no attacks being made on the United States is because al-Qaida is on the run all over the world; they don't have anywhere to rest. This is all because of Bush and the alliances he is helping to create. Bush is making a worldwide alliance. Pretty good for a light-weight.

This is to the Tony Heckemeyer follower who called in because John McMillen used the same insults for Democrats Tony uses for Republicans. Democrat "zombies" love it when their guy is throwing the mud and calling the opponents names and assailing their character, etc. But they sure go into foaming convulsions anytime that same language is used against their camp. I like McMillen's letters. He has plenty of intellectual smarts, but most of it seems to be wasted on imbeciles like you. He probably tried the only thing that gets your attention as a Heckemeyer Democrat. That's the only level of communication you and he are capable of understanding because it's the only level of communication Democrat candidates and Democrat operatives ever use. So John McMillen gave you some of your own medicine? Deal with it!

I read where someone wanted to thank the mother for her son, who gave his life for freedom for the people in Iraq. I thought we went to war because there was mass destruction and biological chemicals. Wasn't the main reason we went to war in the first place, only to learn that they didn't have any WMDs at all? To give your life for freedom for someone over there is not worth it; not one American life is worth it over there. It's all a bunch of bull.

I live on the west end of Sikeston. For the past couple of years I have driven to Garden of Memories Cemetery, get out of my car and walk. I can't get into the cemetery now after sundown because they have gated it off. Why is that? Are we not allowed to be in the cemetery. I visit loved ones' graves in the cemetery when I'm walking and now we're not allowed to visit when we want too? Can someone please explain this?

The corporate office for Garden of Memories Cemetery has required the local cemetery to be closed after sundown and to be gated. This rule was sent down for insurance purposes to set a curfew for walkers as well as because of vandalism.

We are concerned about our flu shots. Please put in the paper where and when we can get our shots and when the health departments will be giving them.

There is a nationwide shortage of flu vaccine this year. Call your county health department for more information: Scott County Health Department, 471-4044; New Madrid County Health Department, 748-5541; Mississippi County Health Department, 683-2191 or 683-3236; Stoddard County Health Center, 568-4593; or Pemiscot County Health Department, 359-1656. Area health departments will notify the media when the vaccine becomes available.

Since the cry babies had to have the trees cut down in Miner to expose their ugly billboard signs, and that has been done, I think the City of Miner now should arrest the owners of the billboards for cluttering up the roadside view with their ugly billboards.