Speakout 3/19

Monday, March 19, 2007

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I called in about honoring the oath. My comment was not directed to all servicemen who put in their 20 years and draw a check. My comment was directed to all the ones who want to whine when they have to do something to earn that check or their family members or friends that whine when they have to do something. I stand by you 100 percent. If you go in, do your time and don't whine about it, you should get to draw your check. But if you whine about it, they should cut you off from any future payments. I believe the military would be a lot stronger if they would enact something like that. As for the lady whose husband served 21 years, we appreciate his services. Way to go! Draw your check now. My comment was just directed to the whiners. We thank all those that served with honor.

OTB versus OTM. That would be one term Bob versus one term Matt. Yes, I believe that most people would believe that Bob Holden was not the best governor that Missouri has had in recent years. But, following right behind him we have Matt Blunt. Mike Jensen, I think it's safe to say that Matt Blunt would be our next one term governor, OTM. Matt Blunt's fiasco in the handling of the Fred Ferrell sexual harassment case is mind boggling. It is an outcry and a shame to all people, especially southern gentlemen. I applaud the Standard Democrat for covering the story. The Southeast Missourian sure forgot all about this story. A person had to look very hard in the Southeast Missourian to find the story. Thank you Mike for covering the story. But then we have Matt Blunt's next fiasco. He allowed the private firm for the state to hire janitors to clean up. At least 25 of them had phony work documents and suspected of being illegal U.S. immigrants. Guess what? This doesn't look very good again. And then we have his work staff. His top six men, all men, making very large salaries. He admits in his interview that the two most important people in his office are women, their two salaries combined, make about $30,000 less than his chief of staff. I think Blunt is in way over his head and he is on his way out. But again, we will see what happens in the next two years.

Mike, I read your article about cleaning up the town in the March 8th paper. Another town that is in serious need of clean up is Matthews. I go to Matthews occasionally to visit. After reading your article, my friend drove me around Matthews to show me that it wasn't just a Sikeston problem. There are some nice homes, however, scattered throughout the town there are trashy yards, abandoned buildings, dogs roaming and overstuffed furniture sitting alongside the street that has been there all winter and trash cans in the street that has been there for days. I believe that part of the problem is the slumlords that don't care about the community and sometimes don't even live in the area. It seems like people everywhere are lacking pride in their property and their community. It sure makes it frustrating for those folks that do care. It's not only our community that has this problem.

I'm glad that the city of Sikeston is seeking God, but not only do they need to seek God, but they need to be with God. And the way to be with God, is to be in church. Find you a church. I'm calling out to the cities of Oran, Morley and Vanduser, too. We've all had our problems. We have wonderful churches. Children, as well as adults, need to find God too.