SpeakOut 6/25

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

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In the June 16 SpeakOut, a Republican said "Don't buy Hillary's book." You can see that the great white right-wing conspiracy is still alive and well with comments like yours. Bill and Hillary are gone. Bill is no longer the President and Hillary is a senator and doing a good job representing the State of New York. You need to turn around and look at your loving President you've got now, who has gotten us deeper in debt than any other president in the history of America. He has given tax cuts to all his rich cronies and got us into a war that is costing us $1 million a day in aid. So if you want to look at something, look at where your right-wing conspiracy group of people has gone and leave Bill and Hillary out of it.

Mike, I've been reading your newspaper, like I always do, and I'm looking for the story. But you're not covering one of our Missourians. Why haven't you had anything in there about the Blunt scandal. Are you afraid to print something about one of your Republican buddies? Tell us how Blunt blows his tobacco money and that his tobacco girlfriend is helping to raise the money. Let's have some fair coverage, Mike.

There is something to be said about nosy neighbors. Mind your own business.

I don't know who called SpeakOut suggesting that Sikeston and Miner buy the little towns around here, but we need to find out. How did we get to the place where people think someone else should do everything for us? If we want to live in Sikeston or Miner, we will move there. If you think someone needs to build a truck stop or motel, I think Buffington would be a good place, or perhaps Charter Oaks.

Mr. Jensen, what else do you have on your mind to cut Governor Holden? Every paper we get, you're writing and criticizing Governor Holden. We're tired of this. Write about something else. I usually read the first two lines and it's the same old stuff, so I don't read any farther. You should go to Washington and do his job and see if you could do it any better.

Washington is probably nice this time of year, but the governor works in Jefferson City.

I would like to compliment two employees at Food Giant. There is a wonderful man who is a true gentleman. His name is Charlie. He greets the customers with a big smile and kindness. Thank you, Charlie, and thank you, Food Giant. The store also has another employee whose name is Robert. He is also very friendly. Thank you, Robert, for your kindness. The ladies who work in the deli, I compliment them. The lady who manages the deli is always so kind and sweet and she always shows a lot of respect and kindness to the customers. A lot of places don't appreciate their customers, but I thank Food Giant because they do. P.S.: I am not an employee of the Food Giant, but as long as they have such kind employees, I will always do my business there.

I'm calling in reference to a June 17 SpeakOut about teens who try to do the right thing. I think teens should be respected when it is earned and not be belittled or talked down just because they're teens. Those who getting onto them, get off of them and let them enjoy life.

I have some quart-size canning jars to give away. Leave a number in SpeakOut and I will call you and you can pick them up.

Why is the Main Street Fire Station closed?

According to Sikeston Department of Public Safety Director Drew Juden, the Main Street Fire Station was closed due to budget constraints and personnel cuts. Juden said personnel and equipment have been reallocated to Fire Station #1 on North West Street and #2 on Ables Road.