SpeakOut 3/10

Monday, March 10, 2008

Call 471-6636

I don't think one neighbor has the right to give away another neighbor's puppies. Both of these neighbors have dogs that run loose and get into all of our yards. We are not in city limits. Hope your dogs don't come up missing. This momma dog must have watched her puppies leave. Now she has started chasing trucks. Shame on you!

I'm calling to the true, old friends out there that we all grew up with, the ones that seem to forget what side of the tracks they come from. At one time we all had a good time in ol' Sikeston. Well, I've got a friend - he's down, he's hurting and he's in bad shape. He needs help. I figure one of us out there, one of his old buddies, might have a decent car that we could lend or give him. He could sure use it. He's a good guy. All you guys that hung around him and you girls that hung around him, we were all good friends - we're a dying breed. It ain't like it is today. Friendship back then was friendship. We had each other's back and we knew not to say nothing to nobody. Today it ain't like that. The ol' buddies that are still out there - put your name in SpeakOut if you got a nice ride and help the guy out. Let him know his friends are still around and can help. In everything we do, always give God the glory. God bless.

I don't know where people get some of their crazy ideas from. They're stupid and don't make any sense.

In regard to the person who called in and said the caption for Woody Smelser being from Lilbourn was inaccurate, well let me explain. Woody has a Catron address, Lilbourn phone number, lives in Risco School District, graduated at New Madrid County Central and in all actuality lives at Baderville. Please don't blame the newspaper or Rep. Hodge's office for any inaccuracy. They only had a one in five chance.

I think that sports writer, Josh Mills, needs to realize that this is Cardinal country and lose the Yankee's hat.

This is to whomever took our pug. You know exactly who you are. You took my daughter's dog and left the leash on the porch. We are really upset about this. If anyone has seen him please call 380-7759. We will pick him up no questions asked. He is a gray and black pug, a little bigger than normal and doesn't snort much. He never meets a stranger, but is very obvious looking. If you choose to leave him where you found him, the leash is right where you left it.

I'd like to know why in this day and time when patriotism is so important in this country why Obama didn't say or put his hand on his heart to the Pledge of Allegiance the other night on TV during a speech like the other men did? Is it because his mother is an atheist and his father is a black Muslim? I'd like to know what religion he is.

Barack Obama is a member of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

I would like to know what this world is coming to when parents of a teenager are let to run loose like an alley cat? Sneaking through windows and drinking and doing drugs. This child has been in trouble with the law and nothing is ever done. I'm glad to be brought up by the old school, where the kids respect their parents and the law. I don't know what this community is coming to - the dogs or the cats. This child prowls like an alley cat that she is.

I didn't know Scott County was in as bad shape as Cairo, Ill. They got a speed trap on Interstate 55, mile marker 86. It's terrible.

It's almost spring time. Here on Sikes Avenue, behind Ferguson Medical Group, we have dogs running loose again. And neighbors parking their cars, junk cars, into the circle drive. Just drive on down Sikes and look at the junk car parked in the middle of the street. What an eyesore for Sikeston. And if you ride your bike or walk on our street, you will be chased by beagles and labradors. I don't know what we can do about this, but something needs to be done.

We were wondering the city crews of Morley are going to pick up these limbs. A lot of us have had limbs out here for two weeks. Cape and Jackson are picking theirs up. It said on the news they've picked up a lot of them already. Why aren't ours picked up? And another thing, we wish they would take care of these barking dogs so we could get some sleep at night. There are ones that are roaming the streets dumping their manure in people's yards and turning over trash cans and spreading litter all through our city. We love our city and want to keep it looking nice, but it's hard to do with all this going on.