SpeakOut 6/23

Monday, June 23, 2003

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Lil' Bros is not a night club. It is rental out, like other buildings. It is not a nightclub. It is not the streets. There wasn't the chance to pull license there before. Maybe you are talking about the shooting that occurred at another rental hall in Charleston where the person was shot by the officer. The people who was so innocently shot were all over 21 and older. The mayor has a liquor establishment, so leave him out. The appeal was not heard at the meeting. No chance, period. The statement of what we or the sayer of "We don't need it." I sure do not need this joke. What we need is the real facts about the shooting and the reason or cause of it to happen at Lil' Bros Rental hall that time. Not an individual writing stuff, they don't know and nothing better to say. What kind of place would you like for people to be? The real streets, nowhere to go inside, or nothing to do, but break in your houses, tear up your places, shoot up your streets, play loud music outside of your homes all the time, drinking on the streets, trash everywhere you look. Because the people are going to do something and go somewhere with no rules. Look out writer, you asked for it. As far as us, we do not live on the streets. The place is not a nuisance, it is a structure building. Nuisance is a word made to hide thoughts of personally feelings behind. So the place can not be a nuisance.

Talk what you know, don't write what you don't. Incidents happen in Charleston all the time and are still happening. Just this one particular incident ended up happening at Lil' Bros Rental Hall. You think you can point blame and criticize the person with the name on it. That's the case, blame yourself. First of all, it is not a night club (get the facts). Second, Lil' Bros Rental Hall is not a bar that sells liquor (that's your job). Third, the under-agers are walking and drinking all the time always (you should know that one). So blame yourself or the right ones for allowing them to have it to drink. Lil' Bros doesn't. They are very strict. Fourth, the incident started at Lincoln Park. That's the street, like always, and was caused to close the park because it was past park laws when the trouble started happening. No one told the owners at Lil' Bros that trouble was headed their way. Didn't you know that? Now make yourself worth your ever-writing words. Clean the streets and enforce the street loitering laws to the councilmen and mayor, as laws are strictly enforced personally on the owner of Lil Bros Rental Hall and Bros Kickin' Nightclub. These people have been in business for almost 10 years. So when one incident happens with the name "Bros" somewhere in there, that trouble and the owners get blamed for all the trouble that happens in Charleston to cover all the other trouble and shooting. No cover is that big. How many similar incidents have happened with shooting halls in Charleston without the name "Bros" in there, since you know everything. So watch your soap operas and shut up! Oh, by the way, the people who got shot, the ages are wrong. They don't need your input. The bullet was bad and awful enough at their enjoyment spot. You have plenty of choices in Charleston and the surrounding area to go to. They don't. Not discrimination - just facts.

If you're tired of hearing or reading about Bill and Hillary then you should turn off the damned TV and stop your subscription to the damned paper, you blooming idiot. Bill and Hillary are putting themselves in the news. They are begging for this publicity. They want you to be mad. You are just to damned blind to see it. You are on my idiot list, you idiot.