Speakout 11/26

Monday, November 26, 2007

Hello SpeakOut. Question for you, Animal Health Center, holiday pet pictures Thursday Nov. 18. Can't be right. November 18 is on a Sunday. So, I'll call the animal place. Kind of threw me off there. Must be leap year because it leaped right over me.

The date for photos was Sunday, Nov. 18.

We want to thank Fisherman's Net for putting catfish back on their buffet. I had the buffet at lunch and everything was wonderful. The white beans and vegetables, were seasoned perfectly. Lauren, our waitress, was so sweet and friendly. My husband ordered the Ribeye steak sandwich, and claims it was almost as good as the catfish. If you want to enjoy a great meal, Fisherman's Net is the place. The Moore Family

If someone is looking for a good machine quilter, call 472-3820. She is a very capable quilter and will quilt all over patterns or custom designs. Very reasonable rates too.


I heard that city of Sikeston employees have to go through two hours of training to learn how to use the new phone system -- including those not in office positions? How hard is it to learn how to use the phone? Is this where my tax dollars are going?

It's not clear how Dr. Masters knows that the forest fires were caused by liberals, Luddites, and tree huggers. But, considering how old this story is, and considering how stressful it is to be a Republican, I figure he's been incubating anger for years, so this name-calling spasm was bound to blow. My physician tells me that beating a dead horse can be therapeutic for some people, more so than swatting mosquitoes. So, Doc, I hope you're feeling better now.

I'm back with the skateboard ramps and I just want to talk about them. The city spends a lot of money out there on the tennis courts, but they can't get to it to spend the money on the skateboard ramp. I'd like to know what the hang up is?

I just want to say the attention given to America's Armed Forces was very good in Sunday's paper. I appreciate all the men I saw in there, especially Gerald Howard. I went to high school with him.

I've just been sitting here watching TV and all the kids are using the sentence, Oh my God, Oh my God. Do they not realize they are using God's name in vain? That is wrong. Let them use some other phrase.

I'm calling in response to Help the poor, forget the rich. Maybe this highly educated person that sent this in can figure out that Governor Blunt is trying to make sure these people get an education so they don't spend more on drugs and alcohol than they make and so they won't be homeless. Secondly, it's not just the people that have a high school education that are paying taxes. High school, college graduates and even high school drop-outs, if you have a job, you pay taxes. It's the homeless people that are not paying taxes. He's probably just trying to sure it up. The majority of the state of Missouri is on disability, welfare, Medicaid or something. This is evident because you can go to Lowe's and they have more handicap spaces than WalMart has. If there's that many handicapped people that are able to do home improvement, we need somebody like Blunt looking into that