Speakout 6/2

Thursday, June 2, 2005

I was just wondering, with summer upon us and school getting out now what are these kids in this town supposed to do to occupy themselves with? There's nothing to do here but go to the YMCA pool and deal with the overcrowdedness going on there. My kids don't swim anyway so any suggestions? Please don't say, "take them to the movies." That cost way too much with three kids plus a snack while there and a drink. What's the deal with these swimming pools that Cape seems to have a problem with? Those blue ones with the blow up ring around the top. Are those legal here, in town, or not? What if your yard has a privacy fence around it with locks on the doors? Are they legal then? These kids need things to do around here in Sikeston. I guess if there's nothing for the kids to do here in Sikeston, then I'll have to give my money away to some other town that will provide some entertainment/activities for them while schools out. They'll gladly find something for all these kids to do!

I early March 2005 there was an article printed in the newspaper about "Canalou" titled: "Zero Tolerance." It stated that Canalou had appointed a Code Enforcement Officer, it also stated that as of April 1,2005, that violators will be cited: this includes; yards or property that has junk or abandoned vehicles, trashy or junk-filled yards, abandoned, vacant or unsafe buildings, unmowed or abandoned lots; loose or dangerous animals. What happened. Was this a April Fool's joke; if so as a citizen of Canalou it is not funny at all.¬

If anyone thinks this article is a waste of time and space come and drive through Canalou and see¬

what you think! Also a couple months ago an article appeared about law enforcement. This is still a very big problem, people don't stop at stop signs, wear seat belts, put children in child restraint seats etc.¬

We have several vehicles around town that aren't even licensed but is anything being done? No! We have called law enforcement several times about issues and we never even get an officer in town to check it out. New Madrid always tells us they will do their best to get someone here when there is one available. Excuse me, this is ridiculous. A concerned citizen that would like to have a clean place to live and respect.

How come there isn't any court news from Scott County in the last couple of months. Other counties are in there are on a regular basis but there is nothing from Scott County. I would appreciate your attention on this.

We could give you all kinds of excuses but we'll do better.

- - -

I'm just calling when and why haven't the Matthews pageant that was a month ago hasn't been put in the paper yet. How do I go about get it put in the paper?

You should check with the pageant sponsors and ask them to forward the information to the newspaper.

We would like to thank each and everyone that helped in any way for a benefit given for brother Wendal Farley. It was sponsored by the House of Prayer, Brother and Sister Bob Burnes and the congregation. May God bless each and everyone. Our family really does appreciate it. God bless.

On May the 25th in the afternoon I was headed west to Morehouse and I saw a dog in the ditch in some tall weeds. I hit my brakes and the dog ran out and I ran over it, but I didn't mean to. Whoever dropped that dog off, I hope that they find out who is dropping those little dogs off because that was low, putting a dog out right on the highway where it could get hit by a car. It broke my heart that I hit him. I am so sorry. They need to find out who is doing this to those poor little animals. At least you could have taken him out some where in the country and let him out instead of right on a road where there is dozens of cars traveling that road every day.