Speakout 2/23

Friday, February 23, 2007

I agree with the letter in Thursday Feb. 15th's paper from David Boardman. Impeach Bush and Cheney.

I have to drive by these houses out on these back roads everyday when I go to work. I don't see how this old man can let these people live in these old dumps. It looks like the windows are falling out and the whole place is falling down. They need to be destroyed.

I want to thank Missouri Delta Medical Center and the 3M Floor, which is the surgical floor and Michael Barnes, nurse practitioner, Dr. Killion and Dr. Stephen Welton for the care that was given to my husband recently. He had to undergo surgery that was unexpected. I just wanted to report that he received wonderful care and we couldn't have asked for him to be treated any better. We just want to say thank you to the guys, gals and doctors at the hospital.

I'm proud somebody finally stood up and said about the World War II and all of them that got killed over there. Them boys was stranded, everything was rationed. The people that was in there didn't have a choice, they was drafted. And the man that put that in there about wanting to impeach Bush, I bet he never served in the war or nothing. He probably never paid any income tax, Social Security or nothing. He's probably living on welfare is why he's a griping about things now. He's lived good all his life. I'm so proud of the one that put that piece in today's paper about the World War II and Truman, Kennedy and Johnson and all them. They never been in there either. Kennedy was in the Navy, but he had special duties. I hope you put this in the paper and think about the boys that was killed in World War II and other wars.

Why don't the federal government take over the lottery association? Then they can take that money and spend it legitimately on something that would be worthwhile. The way it is set up now, these lottery people are just stealing the public blind. And there ain't no way you're going to win no money, they won't even let you win a dollar. The federal government needs to take that over and put it to good use.

I would just like to comment on the Food Giant Store that used to be the Stan's Store. I would just like to say it would be nice if all the other stores in Sikeston were as friendly and nice as they are. It's just a pleasure to go in there and shop. The manager is wonderful, all the people that work in there are very nice to you. I would like to say we appreciate that. Everyone else ought to take example of that.