Speakout 9/18

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

To my knowledge, slavery days are over. Working for free is not what's happening anymore. Unfortunately, we have a government funded job placement program located in our hometown, Sikeston, Mo. that doesn't want to pay you for working. I have worked in this program for six weeks being promised weekly my check would arrive. It never has. After quitting, contacting legal help, and threatening them, I'm being told I won't get paid because of my mother's income. And due to this fact, they say I should have not have been approved for the program. Sorry, I still worked those hours and I still deserve my pay, all of it! A little advice to anyone who is a needing a job to survive in the world, please conduct research on any particular program you may be interested in. You can find information on the Better Business Bureau Web site.

As a social worker who works closely with low income youth and families, along with being a mother of two teens, I continue to hear the criticism from many of how our world is turning out. How bad the youth are, how the low income should just get a job. Nice observations, but who are you to have the right to complain. What have you done to make a difference, to give back, to bring forth change? "You have no right to complain if you're not willing to help with making a change" is my favorite quote. In other words, if you have done nothing to help with the issues your complaining about then you have no right to complain. Get off your high horse, roll up your sleeves and begin asking how can I help to make a difference!

We're a Christian family. My wife, me and three kids live over here at Morehouse. We are looking for a nice couch, possibly a hide away bed, a recliner and two beds. We are in dire need of that. I'm willing to pay some. If someone has some furniture they would like to get rid of really cheap, call me at 667-9936. God bless you and have a blessed week.

I'm calling to speak out on the deportation of illegal aliens. I really don't understand what they are doing. All illegal aliens have the right, as long as they haven't been in any trouble, to be illegal in the United States. They do jobs Americans won't do. And I don't understand why they only deport Hispanics. I am married to an illegal alien. I have been working six years trying to get him legal. Due to the new laws they passed because of 9/11, we can't do anything. We have seven children together. One of the babies has Down's Syndrome. The government won't help us. My husband can't do anything, he basically has to stay hidden or the government will deport him back. If that happens what or we going to do? It's not only the illegals the government is causing trouble with, it's the American citizens also. Me and my husband have been married eight years. If they deport him it will not only affect him, but us too. They should let the illegal aliens stay here and give them permits to work, as long as they stay out of trouble.

The Standard Democrat needs to start listing all the times that the Scott County Sheriff's deputies go into Sikeston to assist the officers down there on patrol. They are always going down there everyday for accidents, abuse, runaways. The Standard Democrat needs to let people in Sikeston know why they need to help support the tax to fund Scott County deputies.