Speakout 3/28

Monday, March 28, 2005

Does anyone know where you can get a Mario water pump worked on. If so please call 471-4641.

I was watching a program this Friday night about San Quinten and the way inmates are living in that prison. I can't believe that the inmates in prison are living better than we working people. They have better benefits than we have as working people who are trying to provide for our families and can't afford medical or dental. In many cases we can't afford the food and the clothes that our family deserves. But the inmates, they have it made. They have medical, got food, living quarters, air conditioning, all kinds of exercise equipment. I can't believe that our government shows more attention and affection toward the inmates who have broken laws - murders, rapes, child abuse - these people should be out on a chain gang with shackles on their legs on the highways and picking up garbage and trash. We shouldn't have to support people like this. I can't believe they are treated better than honest, decent family man that is trying to provide for his family with no help from the state or government. We have paid in the taxes, we have put something into the country, we should get something out. These people haven't put nothing in. I definitely believe in capital punishments. These inmates are enjoying themselves. They like the life they are living because they couldn't make it on the outside so they have to kill or rape or commit some kind of child abuse so they can be locked up behind bars so they can survive. And they are surviving. I need work done on my teeth, I can't afford it. I need medication, I can't afford it. This is as outrageous as our government and our state officials - the people we put into office provide for these people when we should be provided for.

I would like to know if anyone out there in Speakout country has got a basketball goal for my little grandson to play basketball with. If anyone has one that they would like to get rid of or sell it and it isn't real expensive I would like one for my little grandson this summer to keep him out of trouble.