Letter to the Editor

Your view: Lock them away

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Lots of people don't listen to the evening news anymore, because it is too sickening and depressing. It would be much nicer if they talked more about Habitat for Humanity, heroes that lived, this week's best parent and things like that.

But some of us simply must face the evils that surround us, and work to correct those evils, your help is needed.

When the police authorities can report that the average child molester/rapist assaults 380 times in his life - our State Representatives and Senators need to know this. (Figures heard on NBC Nightly News July 3, 2005). The above figure was revealed when Joseph Duncan was found with victim Shasta Groene. Earlier in June 2005, just once on TV news, it showed us the record books of a rapist which recorded in his own handwriting 36,000 of his rape attacks!

Are we going to let our State Legislature continue to give these sex perverts - destroyers of people lives - continue to give them a five to seven year sentences? What a cheap price they put on the lives of traumatized victims!

I am thoroughly, totally, completely saturated with anger! Don't rest until we have a law that locks these perverts up for life, in wooden barracks without A/C, and let them till the soil by the sweat of their brow for food. It's better than they deserve. Please help to get this done!

Barbara Rall

Collins, Mo